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Malibu Express

Magnum PI the famous detective, was a character that has been the envy of the world for its way of life. His clone,  the blond Cody Abiliene aowever, in a sense transcends him, copying him in life-style and showing what the public has always wanted to see, the most private side of life of an investigator beautiful and rich. Sex and nude women.

"Malibu Express" of 1985 fills this gap and it flies in the wake of the famous TV series, pushing on eros amd soft-core scenes.

Synopsis and interpretation so aren’t the most important aspect of the work that flows on the many topless of various former playmate recruited, with great success, for the occasion. The chaos that reigns in all the history is typical, but of course nobody does much attention to errors of various kinds. The vision, precisely because no one takes it seriously, is not boring and gives us a lot of funny scenes.

Cody Abilliene is a moderately successful private detective, lover of women, cars and owned a small yacht. He is hired to discover the murder of  the husband of the Countess Luciana. Arrived at the villa of the woman he ends up in a complicated case of espionage and blackmail, while circulating around his blond mustache there are beautiful women scantily dressed and ready to go to bed with him. At the end great party on the yacht.

The protagonist is Darby Hinton former enfant-prodigy, present since childhood in several TV commercials. Hinton hasn’t  a great career in cinema, but, call him stupid, we  found him in this film in the midst of extraordinary beautiful women.

The star of the movie is undoubtedly Sybil Danning, a certainty for the U.S. "B Movies" of the eighties.

Statuary Body and bursting, she is the daughter of a U.S. Army officer and she was born in Austria in 1952 and eventually began to pose as a model and then debut in film and participate in successful films such as "Bluebeard," "The Three Muskateers," "Crossed Swords" and "The Concorde ... Airport' 79.."

Not only success for her, but also many "B Movie" and exploitation as "Battle Beyond the Stars", "Chained Heat", "The Seven Magnificent Gladiators” as well as appearances in TV series such as "Simon & Simon”. In August of 1983 "Playboy has dedicated a large set of photos. Then she disappeared from the scene but she has recently returned to working with Rob Zombie in fake trailer "Werewolf Women of the SS" in “Death Proof" and a small part in the remake of "Halloween."

A role also for other supermodel as Lorraine Michaels or Lori Sutton and many others.

It will be a matter of taste but for us the actress that remains etched in this trash movie is Lynda Wiesmeier Playmate of July 1982 and later an actress. His performance bubbly, which showcases her many talents, will surely impressed you.

Apart from the low artistic level, "Malibu Express"can boast an historical importance. So to speak. It marks the beginning of a long series of action films produced and shot by Andy Sidaris taking place between, the bombs, bullets and  ....still bombs, known as "Triple B" (Bombs, Bullet, Babes).

A real industry from 1985 to 1998 has generated twelve action films, shoted between Hawaii and California, which has provided new artistic life to an endless series of Playmate, Pet, and starlets.

Sidaris, which until 1985 was engaged in the direction of events sports (seems he have also invented a unique way to resume cheersleaders...) and some episodes of  shows, an obvious place to find success using a simple and old equation.

We can’t loose this series, so one by one we will review this action movies.