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Psychopaths natural born. Also born capricious, irritable, a little 'manic, bloodthirsty monsters rowdy and not serious. Yes is possibile! As it shows this 1982’s slasher. A fun "B Movie" which takes cues from several of its similar, developing its own terrible idea.

If you want go forward in this adventure, you must be prepared for a host of errors and scenes "nonsense" some of which are receivable only if you known the American culture.

The list is as long as incredible. It Starts with the fact that this "Mil Noches Gritos Tien The" original title of "Pieces" opens in 1947 showing a pennant of the "New England Patriots" (franchise started in 1960 and before 1970 had a different name).  Not bad at all the sudden arrival of a character similar to Bruce Lee that makes some kung-fu moves, and then disappear immediately, without bringing anything to the story, without being explained and included only because the producer was also involved with a martial arts films.

These are just a few minor quirks, the best, the core, remain linked to the murderer who, to name just one of many, comes disguised in an elevator with a chainsaw, but without being noticed and especially without intimidating his future victim. Easy to be psychopaths in a world like this!

The strangest thing, to which we can not give explanation is that the cast and crew of this work are very respectable. From director Juan Piquer Simon who died in January of 2011, stronger than a long film career and author of a trilogy based on the tales of Jules Verne,whose version of "Journey To The Center Of The Earth entered in the history.

Christopher George,one of the leading was an actor of Greek origin. He was a Marine and performer of numerous television commercials, as many films (including"El Dorado"starring John Wayne) and very popular television series in the states as "Rat Patrol." Here George is in his penultimate film released the same year of his death.

More or less the same successful career for Lynda Day George go down in history for his participation in the series "Mission Impossible" awarded also with a "Golden Globe" as well as for presence in other shows like "Charlie's Angels" and "Hardcastle & McKormic."

Finally there is the beloved Edmund Purdom actor definitely another highlight. Famous in the fifties and sixties thanks to the musicals and the movie "The Egyptian",moved to Italy where he continued his career with "Peplum". Slowly, slipped into oblivion, taking part in several "B movie" and Italian comedies among which we can report "Fracchia contro Dracula."The last film of a certain thickness which was attended Purdom "I cavalieri che fecero l’impresa" by Pupi Avati.

The cast is completed by other actors with good curriculum, all in this Spanish/American production that tells the story of a monster, little strange and in a certain way original

Boston 1942, a child is caught by his mother while completing a puzzle with a naked woman. Scolded by his mother, the baby takes an ax and kills her.

Many years later, thanks to the discovery of woman's clothes, the "monster" now adult reopens his old wound. Back to work this time but try to complete a puzzle of flesh and bones (Ed Gein strikes Back!). Several students on a campus, therefore, end up in pieces. Blood and special effects not so believable, some naked to please the male audience and a story that, despite the errors and oddities, you will follow with lots of fun. The incredible ending then, worth the price of the vision of this most worthy "B Movie".