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2019-After the Fall of New York

"We have sent the president, says there is a woman here who still can have children. We must find it and takeit"

The italian version of "1997: Escape from New York," but also "Mad Max" and a little 'well of "Planet of the Apes" is a gem of rare and incredible beauty. A wonderful "b movie" that even cites a source,only one,would have been written before the film made by Carpenter, but shot two years after.
Far from us the will to open the question of alleged theft Yankees against our writers, we focus on this 1983's post-nuke, directed by Martin Dolman who is none other than our beloved Sergio Martino.

"2019: After the Fall of New York" travel safe and defiant, as well as the facilities already mentioned, across a wide range of craft things that show how much Martino is good in the art of "arrange".
He creates a movie, however, that has a sense and that almost always works amazingly, despite uncertain models of cities, craft and car of the future even more easy interior of the ship not to mention the questionable laser beams.
The things that let us to close eye on the proverbial missing scenic (and also "make up"), are two: the audacity of Martino that fits into the context also the story of "La bella Addormentata Nel Bosco" and the presence of three "actors- hinges "as Michael Sopkiw, Edmund Purdom and George Eastman.
Sopkiw was a real American meteor of "cinema di genere" he has participated at only four films, all proudly Italian, before closing his career and give entrepreneurship. Sopkiw here is the "gorgeus" hero "Parsifal" a sort of Snakes Plinsky, however, less experienced and more cool. Purdom instead, is the slimy head of the rebels,is an actor of whom we have already spoken about for the slasher "Pieces."
George Eastman is always him, the legendary performer in many films, here as the ape-man "Big Ape". They are joined by Anna Kanakis, Paolo Scalondro and Romano Puppo,as well the beatuful Valentine Monier.
All together here for a story about a world that after nuclear war is so contaminated that nobody is able to procreate. The president of the "New Confederation" (Purdom) and his advisers have discovered in New York the last woman on earth able to have children "La Bella Addormentata" who is lying in a laboratory.
New York instead is a bad place rather infamous, and above all full of criminals ruled by androids Eurac. To retrieve the woman is sent there a sports hero, a sort of motor racing champion, Parsifal (Sopkiw), that between fights, escapes, and an incredible camouflage of a car in "A-Team" style gets out alive from the city. On his way he is also "Big Ape", a monkey-man king of a small tribe of his similar.
What happens to the human race we will not reveal, not to spoil the pathos of the last scenes. Although they are very badly acted.
"2019: Dopo la caduta di New York" has become a post-nuke cult. Deservedly. A film that is sympathetic and that deserves to be revised and that's fine! okay!, supported the struggle of, although certainly, case of plagiarism.