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Un Gatto Nel Cervello

This is a warning and if you're here on this blog, it’s also for you. Too much horror, too much splatter and too much cinema lead to an excess of folly. And that is what, ironically in part, the good Lucio Fulci try to say in this film, told in first person in a kind of autobiographical movie. He,  for too much work starting to freak out. He doesn’t eat anymore meat, which reminds him the corpses,  he destroy the work of a carpenter because he was using a chainsaw and he attacks a group of Germans on the set of imagining a film about Nazism or nazisploitation if you prefer.

With a this clinical picture it’s natural to turn to a specialist, but if he is criminally insane things can’t certainly improve. It follows that the poor Fulci imagines himself to be a dangerous murderess.

So begins a plot, well done, between what is reality, what is imagination and what is the director who filmed the meantime, continues to work. "Un Gatto Nel Cervello” "runs through much of the meta film, throwing dead quartered, and splatter scenes and some tits, making it a mixture of genres with a small dose of irony.

The game basically holds, although this is certainly not the best Fulci, indeed, and it must be said that here we also find a number of things that lower level and the Last judgement.

Movies craft to the bone, nothing bad has obviously, it has embarrassing special effects. How can we forget the "cat" of the first scenes that scrapes in the brain, or the amount of rotting corpses and severed heads not credible.

The nearly constant presence of music, part of the soundtrack is taken from the "E Tu Vivrai nel terrore l’aldilà "tired and lowers the pathos and the final solution is too hasty.

Then we must  observe that we know immediately who is the murderess and then we just have to watch the events.

But beyond the defects"Un Gatto Nel Cervello" remains a film sympathetic to Fulci fans and for those of who like certain craft movies.

If you want to give it a philosophical aspect may appear as a sort of farewell or will by Fulci, even though he didn’t  finish his career with this movie. Shooted in just two months with a paltry budget, even two hundred million lira, this film shows several scenes from previous Fulci films, including "Quando Alice Rupper Lo Speccio" or the never-completed "I Fantasmi di Sodoma”. The first draft of the screenplay and dialogues did not foresee was only forty-nine pages that told horror scenes.

The leading role is played by the director, accompanied by performances by an actress with long resume as Malisa Longo and clips that show a different major player,  Brett Halsey.

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