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Jacqueline Hyde

"She 'll love you to death"

It's only been two years from the erotic adventures of the  invisible Man, and the sexy-horror director Kanefsky goes with another classic theme: "Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde."

Of course he does it, fortunately,  in his manner, bringing the history of binary soft-core, part horror, with some sprinkling of comedy.

But the formula of "Jacqueline Hyde" doesn’t work. If in “The Adventures of the Invisible Man”, Kanefsky reached more than good results for a "B-Movie" here instead escapes the lens and all the features present there are only a thin outline. Everything of everything, but really small portions.

However we have good special effects and we can also say that the act passes the test. The story is of course the usual one, but instead the doctor we found a telemarker near thirty who is ignored by men and stressed out by life. She inherits her father's house, where she discovered the famous potion that transforms her into a variety of beautiful women sex hungry.The situation fall by the classic struggle between good and evil, but with a surprise ending.

Two years after the performance of the invisible man, we find  again Gabriella Hall. In such a short period of time, however, the actress shows several excess pounds distorting its beauty. On the other hand one of his alter-ego is another great model/actress , Blythe Metz that recalls Gabriella Hall of the good old days.