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Picasso Trigger

"The ones with the flower Have Been scattered this hour."

You'll be amazed by the first images of the third "Triple B". You will see the Eiffel Tower. Andy Sidaris lands in Europe leaving Hawaii? Change the tone of his series? No, none of this, quiet.

Sidaris shows only a few images of the Eiffel Tower and Paris, did not even know if there is going to shot or if he has subcontracted the work. What is certain, that then he plunges back in his beloved islands where environmental his usual outlandish story full of tits, explosions and a confusing nonsense plot.

It all begins with a painting, among others very bad, which depicts a "Picasso Triggerfish". Well, this ridiculous work is  given to a well-known French museum, but the benefactor, the agent Picasso Trigger Salazar, is murdered on the stairs of the museum (clearly he is shot in the shoulder ...). Miguel Ortiz same time, the villain played as always by Rodrigo Obregon begins to take out the feds to avenge the death of his brother, of whom not much is known.

In this massacre there are the usual agents involved, the ones who works in the mysterious agency, that we can define " Sidaris Agency" and as usual consists of beauties who wake up on a yacht wearing provocative underwear and gym-fanatics and connoisseurs of martial arts. Donna and Taryn are the two heroines, but we can’t forget Travis Abilene who leading another area of investigation.

Topless, fondling and unthinkable murders are as always the main features, as well as the brilliant solution of our heroes. After the frisbee murderess of "Hard Ticket to Hawaii" we find other murderer toys and other dangerous objects, this time radio-controlled model aircraft and explosives mini-car, but also a crutch hi-tech with pyrotechnic effects and a harpoon.

A little 'less interesting of previous two (yes, Ron Moss and the scene of the frisbee remained in our mind as much as the interpretation of Lynda Wiesmeier in "MalibuExpress"), "Picasso Trigger" has already seen as protagonists Dona Speir and Hope Marie Carlton, the two blondes super agents.

Travis Abilene, the Abilene in turn is played by Steve Bond. Former actor of "General Hospital" and especially interpreter "Spiando Marina",which again  fooled by a woman, almost exactly as in the films of Sergio Martino. Here he meets an old friend, played by Roberta Vasquez new comer of "Triple B" but of course with a past as a model for Playboy. Otherwise, you know, does not apply.