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It's very difficult to talk about this movie in english. Because this movie is about a youth italian wave of 80's. We can try anyway. In the mid of 80's Italy was in a ephemeral age, in which appearance were more important than being. A era in which Italian politicians madea disastrous economic policy, the causes of which are still visible today. A political class later destroyed by a wave of corruption ever seen.Not that after things went better, but it's another matter.

The young however, spent their time listening to music that push all on synth. Many, the most, of youth were part of a group so-called "paninari", an all Italian wave, born in Milan.

With a their own slang (for example a girl was "squinzia", a nerd "gino") and exclusive dresses they spent their time in the disco or in fast-food restaurant pre-Mc Donald's (Mc Donald's will arrive in 90's in Italy) which the most famous was Burghy.

They dressed with a certain brands: Moncler, Timberland, Charro, Best Company, Vans, Nike, Swatch,and more. All clothes expansive and If you did not have these things you were a loser, or as they said a "Truzzo", a "Gino". And watch out, we did not say "one" of these things, but we say all these things. The "paninari" dominated the social scene of the mid-eighties, with plenty of "Wild Boys" by Duran Duran and little commitment to political/social unlike their predecessors.

With the flair business, we can say even the great Joe D'Amato rode the wave with this film in 1986, filmed under the name of Dario Donati.Disorienting. Because all we can expect from D'Amato, and everything we have seen, but a youth and fashion comedy was out of our warmest thoughts.

Everything is around the figure of Tini Cansino. A greek actress, whose real name is Photinia Lappa, She becomes Tini Cansino using the real surname of Rita Hayworth, thanks to a brilliant idea due to a certain similarity. For years, many person thinks she was the real Rita's nephew, but especially in the eighties in Italy she gets an incredible reputation, thanks to the role of "sexy maid" in the comedy TV show "Drive In". The Cansino enters in the italian imagination thanks to incredible and artistic choices rather than well-aimed, among which, besides the well known transmission, we can also mention the "s-cult movie" "Arrapaho."

Better actress D'Amato could not choose. Because Cansino unlike other super beauties of Italian cinema and television, exploded exactly at that time, by coating a character immediately in tune with those years. Young, beautiful, with a silly and a physique bursting. Features that Joe D'Amato manages to make the best.

The voice is left in the original, with errors in pronunciation, strident tone, while the body is shown in sexy clothes or under showers similar to Fenech way.

"Delizia" is all there around her and the rest is an outline, absurd, simple, already seen, but all in all well-juggled for the kind of course. The large doses of slang and the life of "Paninari" and "Yuppies" (another product of the time), deliver, to modern eyes a"kitsch" work, a parody better than many other deliberately sought.

Tinì Cansino plays Delight fashion american model who goes to Italy where she stayed at the home of her cousins. Of course the two, one is a yuppie, the other is a paninaro, loses their heart for her and tries to conquer she in all ways. Among erotic dreams, nocturnal showers and photo shoots, the beautiful Tini show everything she can, but must also manage the boyfriend left to the States, interpreted, by a ultra-trash star named Antonio Zequile. Later he became "famous" for the reality "L'isola dei famosi" (similar to "Survivor") and especially for the altercation with Pappalardo an italian singer in "Domenica In" a popoular TV show of Sunday afternoon..

Besides him we also see Carmen Di Pietro other main character of trashy gossip,Laura Gemser,non-accredited and Adriana Russo both into small pieces.

A Joe D'Amato different from what we see before but always great,and for once very fashion.