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Cyclemaniacs assaulting and killing for thrills! Bike riding Hoodlums Flat-Out on their Murder cycles.


It’s not the first, it’s not the most beautiful, but the rebels on the bikes with leather jacket, led by blind violence, owes much to "Motorpsycho". Indeed, them owes more or less everything.
"MotorPsycho", "Motor Psycho" or "Motorpsycho!" three different titles (the first one is mentioned in the official website of Meyer), is a master movies, like most of those of the great and unforgotten director, that with this has codified the genre of "Outlaw Biker" or "Bikexplotation." Released in 1965 in the middle of the Meyer’s "Gothic" period, was released in the same period of "Lorna", "Mudhoney", "MotorPsycho" and the masterpiece "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!".
"MotorPsycho" is a fierce description of the US community, lost in a growing violence and struggling with the Vietnam veterans. A pungent portrait, lost in the shadow of a Meyer’s story, full of action, dust and beautiful actresses and penetrating through a thin structure that emphasizes its hardness.
Certainly not the manifesto of Meyer’s cinema (we can say that "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" Is much better in all), however, it has characteristics that we often found in the follow movies by American director, that here also shows an aspect that is a kind of prototype of "Rape Revenge".
Psychotic, violent, dusty, then, the world of "Motorpsycho" has as protagonists three bored motorcyclists, Brahmin, Slick and Dante, very different, but lovers of violence. Rapes and murders are a favorite pastime of the trio, which was soon undermined by an internal dispute and a precise manhunt by Cory Maddox, a local veterinarian, seeking revenge after the trio rape and beat his wife. Accompanied by charming Ruby Bonner, an american native woman, to whom the trio kills the husband, Cory begins a grueling manhunt that ends up in a duel to the death.
A road movie where Meyer shows once again and after directing "Mudhoney", all his skills and the skill of work with a very low budget. We must admit, however, that the three outlaws are  at our eyes (we also think in part to those of the spectators at the time) three boys perhaps a bit 'weird but not at all dangerous with three motorcycles away from the stereotype of the roaring monsters
Defects or not, this movie remains a nice episode, thanks to the excellent soundtrack and of course thanks to the beautiful actresses, who here are dressed in difference, as we all know, of Meyer's other movies.
Dressed or not, we must underline the exotic beauty of Haji a Canadian actress who also starred in other movies by Meyer "Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!", "Supervixens", "Good morning and...Goodbye" and "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls" and in other genre films as "Wham Bam! Thank You Spacemen "," Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks "and in the posthumous tribute to the director "Double D Avenger". She is the beautiful Ruby Bonner that helps Corey in the manhunt. The male protagonist instead is the Italian-American actor Alex Rocco who debut here and then starred in many TV series and also in the movie "The Godfather."
As many Meyer's movies this one also has influenced the music and "Motorpsycho" is the name of a lgreat Norwegian band.