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Mad Foxes

"I was Hoping you'd. Remember me sweetheart"

It’s easy to imagine how this "Mad Foxes", the English title of "Los Violadores", has been thought and written. Scenes of violence, gore and sex. Then they wanted something that held everything together, like a texture or something like. At the end thye were satisfied with a "something like" putting together in a film that is a bunch of situations that roam in the brutal '"Exploitation" by tapping the "sexploitation" and sub-genres "Bikeploitation" and in a sense, the "rape ravenge ". We have no feedback that this was the real genesis, but the feeling is just that. No we correct, the feeling is worse but we can’t write what we think. It would be too rude.

The story is very simple. Hal is a hideous Playboy who drive sports car company of a beautiful girl eighteen year old. At a traffic light he argues with a group of neo-Nazis, who expect the pair to beat up him and raped her of course.

From here on in part a series of chain events, all of them very weird. Hal first had sex with a character who only appears in this scene and it is not clear who she is and then enlisted karate’s friends to beaten up the neo-Nazi. The new followers of Hitler ha revenge with karatekas exterminating them and getting the name and address to find the beautiful Hal. Reached at home, Hal manages to flee to the country at the house of his parents. During the trip he picks up a hitchhiker who and he have with she warm moments, among other things, disturbing the inhabitants of the house and occupying the bathroom an entire night (for sex).

But the neo-Nazi, nodoby know how end up in Hal's family home that is slaughtered. Among more than fake blood and pads visible, also the mother of Hal, invalid on wheelchair, was killed. Our handsome playboy, forgotten the hitchhiker, and began a long manhunt. And the ending is more than up to what was seen previously.

All the characters are more than sketchy, little credibility just as the plot or how the fight scenes at the edge of insanity. A lot 'of sex and violence are trying to limit damage and to attract some viewers.

Spanish film of 1981, which already takes a while 'from that golden eighties, full of yuppies and lightness, had as the protagonist Jose Gras active player in the seventies and early eighty's in films "genre". More interesting and sad is life of Andrea Albani Catalan actress who plays Babsy. She was born in 1960 and she was a workaholic and soft-core film icon Spanish. From 1980 to 1984 she plays in ttwenty-seven most erotic movies, with the exception of "El Pico 2" by Eloy de la Iglesia. On the one hand icon, on the other branded solely as an actress erotic she failed to raise in other genres. He died young in 1994 of AIDS.