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Disco Dancer

"These are the tears of a popular famous artist"

So we know, because we saw the effect that makes this film. You will criticized it severely for a lot of things. For the absurd plot, for the countless mistakes and an almost constant presence of kitsch musical numbers. Okay. But you most know that "Disco Dancer" a Bollywood films of 1982 is an absolute myth. Its success has not only hit all over India and South Asia, but has arrived in China, Turkey and even in the Soviet Union. Not only that, the colorful soundtrack made by 80's Disco Music also received awards and several prizes, while the interpreter Mithun Chakraborty with this work became more than a name known.

We speak frankly, without mockery, "Disco Dancer" is exaggerated, grotesque, if you want, but we are mad of it. Really.

An explosion of disco music, in the midst of an incredible array of colors. For us is also good that the plot is not so logical and that take significant shortcuts to get by. We like it. Just as we love the many blooper who are reapeted many times with unbelievable brazenness and the many sentences that can be carved on the stone that would die of envy John Wayne or some other hero of American cinema.

"Disco Dancer" is a wonderful entertainment, that can only have so much musical numbers. Two hours and more full of facts, never boring, in which there is a melodramatic story as Bollywood wants. 

Jimmy has lost his father and is child who performs in the street successful musical numbers, among other things, making us feel sounds from instruments that he doesn't have. One day a girl invites him to enter in the courtyard of his house, but her father calls the police and manhandled him and accusing his mother of being thieves. Twe two goes in a jail
Driven badly from the slums where they live, Jimmy and his mother rebuilt a live in another place. He becomes a singer's weddings. Discovered and launched on a large scale by talent scout he has to deal with the enemy: a jelous star in decline, . Jimmy falls in love with a girl and of course she is the girl of couryard ando also the sister of the enemy.

The villains try to kill him in all ways but they can only kill the mother struck by an electric guitar (!). Jimmy breaks down, the enemies break his legs. But Jimmy return! He come back in a international festival, more of less, of music and dance.
Here, after many hesitations and melodramatic scenes he becomes again the Jimmy that world love, beating in the competition the pairs of Africa, unknown country, and the Paris ones as well as the bad guys.

Apart from the artistic talent, Jimmy proves to have heart and superhuman strength that allows him to escape unscathed in almost all the fistfights among other things that are played at a higher speed than normal. The final scene whit Jimmy that looks the beated enemies near a disco mirrored , is another great gem of this fantastic movie.

The narrative follows the classic pattern. The poor talented, becomes famous, he fall and finally triumph over injustice. There is plenty of choice for captive scenes. We thought about it a lot but for us the death of the mother has a plus that other scenes haven't.

Like any self-respecting Bollywood films, the cast has a huge resume, or have an interesting life.

The director is Babbar Subhash better known as B. Subhash. He did't have a great career, despite this immense masterpiece, but still gave rise to interesting films such as the Indian version of "Commando" and Tarzan, but he was the godfather of many actors who have been launched by his movies.
One of these is the star Mithun Chakraborty, Jimmy, that although he had already starred in previous movies he reache the fame with this movie. A very long career for this actor born in Kolkata and a very busy life who see him occupied in social campaing and also as owner of cricket team of his city.

Career also important for RajeshKhanna,man of many nicknames and pseudonyms that in addition to being an actor has also worked on political and spiritual works of Sai Baba.

Om Puri is probably the most famous actor of "Disco Dancer",only because he sidestepped the Indian border and work in British and American productions, not to mention the biopic "Gandhi" released the same year of this great movie. Now try if you couldn't sing at all times "I'm a disco-dancer."