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Mark Il Poliziotto

The young and nice side of the law. But the cool, with a nickname "Mark" that someone give to him in the United States. Plus, hi is funny, he loves life and women. Mark is very far from the iron commissioners played by Maurizio Merli, Franco Nero and Enrico Maria Salerno, but he accentuate the cool side of those of Luc Merenda.But Mark apart from being a young man like many others is just as Commissioner implacable as his colleagues.

"Mark il Poliziotto" is an inspired idea, on the one hand is cool, young, in the other is an hundred percent cop. A great success, for this trilogy especially for this first movie. It's a good alchemy that satisfies the softer audience feminine, and also the lover of pure hard poliziottesco.

The audience loves Mark and not by chance that the protagonist was a star of photo novels of the time. His name is Franco Gasparri and his career was shattered by a tragic motorcycle accident which has paralyzed him. In a few other films we find Gasparri, who died in 1999 but made immortal by his Mark.

This casual Commissioner investigates on Benzi an entrepreneur beyond all suspicions, that according to our hero hides in his business, shady dealings in drugs. As usual, hampered and criticized by the chief (played by Albertazzi), Mark is able to pursue its investigations to help a girl in trouble and having fun like all the other cases. Young, with a capital Y.

The story is well structured and follows the stylistic features of the genre. Here circulate less blood than usual and the ironic approach of Mark accompanied by mild comedy of Brigadier Bonetti create a pleasant view, with also a soundtrack that the backbone theme composed by Stelvio Cipriani became very famous. Stelvio Massi was the director of a major crime and poliziottesco and we remind him for "Squadra Volante", "un Poliziotto Scomodo" and the film from the suggestive title: "Sbirro la tua legge è mia no" With Massi and Gasparri are Lee J. Cobb nominated actor for two time Academy Award for "Best Actor" and starred in several films, including "On the Waterfront", "Angry Men", "The Day of the Owl" "The Exorcist" and the TV series "The Virginian".Room  for Giampiero Albertini well-known face of Italian cinema and advertising. An actor by the strange expression that made him famous as well as his voice used to dub such as Peter Falk in "Colombo". Curiosities of "The Policeman Mark" is the presence of the great boxer Juan Carlos Duran who plays a killer.