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Forgive Me For Raping You

If only read the title might seem that we are talking about a indictment movie. One of those films that go down with something heavy untouchable. And even if we throw a quick look at the first lines of the synopsis, it seems really so.

Congratulations for the title, we can say after seeing it. Effective. But what's behind it, perhaps we should say under, isn’t a story that denounces the suffering and violence.

This American film produced in 2010 by Rough Pictures, directed and written by Bill Zebub, self-proclaimed "King of the B Movies "enters the vein of movies made ​​at home and dare all that have never dared before. An attempt to go beyond, the idea that affects more than the content, showing a film by scenes from soft but strong sense.

Almost all shot indoors, "Forgive Me For Raping You"tells the story of a priest or suspicious which enters into houses of young women who care from their ailments of the soul, stripped naked and abusing them, for kill them. Large female nudes, very detailed, no man (the priest rape with his pants on) and no trace of blood, except for a knife, as the bishop prefers to strangle.

A tense music accompanies the story from beginning to end, while a eye shows the events handled at times. The only noticeable between the inserts the entire film is a murder and the other, implying that the priest has not only impressed but also at home in the woods.

Having said that an hour and forty-nine of film soft-core scenes are so many. It's your choice if it is low or high-pornography film undeground. Certainly if you like films such as "Amateur Porn Star Killer" this movie is for you.