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Attack of Crab Monster

From the depths of the sea ... a tidal wave of terror!

Roger Corman is one of those genius that born once in a while. Unfortunately. One of those who have a limitless imagination and audacity to pass a product almost handmade as a worthy film. It also obtained success. You don't believe us? If you don't believe you have to watch this crazy movie where the crabs (papier-mâché) have eyes, big teeth and speak English. Then if is not enough there's a long list of other things. A plot that mixes the fear of radiation with mutations monsters, a theme dear to the sci-fi of the fifties and sixties.

But unlike big productions good Corman deflects the question of improbable plots, making these "Crab Monsters" highly intelligent after sucking the mental faculties of some humans. Even they communicate telepathically and they plans dates!.

The scenario is classic. An expedition of scientists is looking for a group of colleagues, disappeared into thin air during a previous expedition on an island near Bikini atoll. Soon they discover that their colleagues were killed by these monstrous beings become so for nuclear explosions.

With two or three moves Corman manages to create a good "B Movie" of only 62 ', which lets watch with great amusement. Astute as always, is strong in carnival reconstruction of crabs.

Released in 1957, "Attack Of The Crab Monster" was proposed in double bill as the main feature of "Not Of This Earth". Another masterpiece of the director. Of course, behind all this there is also the faithful B.Griffith Charles, who wrote the screenplay brainchild of director who wanted to make a movie called "Attack Of The Crab Monsters" and that must have, radiation, monsters, action and suspense in every scenes.

In the cast are actress Pamela Duncan know for many "B Movies", Russell Johnson, known for his role of "Professor" in the series "Gillian's Island" and also Mel Welles that for Corman palys also "The Little Shop Of Horrors" in the role of Mushnik .