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Love Camp 7

Okay, this is a great disappointment. "Love Camp 7" isn’t a good movie. Boring, shot badly, without a decent story. Ah! While we are seeing it in us grew the desire to saw a nazi dinner, with Champagne overthrown on a naked woman, or even scenes of torture, even without exaggeration, but a couple of lashes well done were not bad at all. Nothing. The void. When they want to be bad they want to palpated breasts in a violent manner.

Despite this poverty of resources and ideas (especially), the film by Lee Frost deserves a place in history and at least some respect. It’s the first nazisploitation of history and the first women in prison who having raised the bar.

So "Love Camp 7" should be seen by every fan of "B Movies". Boredom or not.

A small discount on the criticisms, to be honest, we must do, whereas in fact this is a "number one", created in 1969, an era in which a film like this, chaste as compared to the successors, created an endless series of problems with censorship.

And that's what "Love Camp 7" has suffered, finishing straight into the "dreaded" Made in the UK list of "nasty videos" pecking ban projection. You would think that eventually passed the nineties things have changed, but no. In 2002, it sifted the BBFC (British Board Of Film Classification), the new oversight organisation, and it has got another amazing second veto for the scenes in which women are humiliated.

Maybe Lee Frost has done something wrong to the whole Commonwealth, something which was then repaired in 2005, only two years before the death of the director.

Speaking of history, it must be said that we are in a extremely simple channels. Not that the next "nazisploitation" have developed a plot, but here we touch a very low point.

This movie is Launched as a true story and tells the story of Grace and Linda two British soldiers who infiltrate a camp for important information from a prisoner. Things will never be easy and the two will have to undergo the perversions of the Nazis.

That's it. Lee Frost has certainly made ​​things much better and here we have already met "Black Gestapo", he direct many movies in a career devoted to exploitation completed in 1995 (but with a long pause before) and filled with works, let's say "borderline". Great movies. The ones we love
The cast also include David F. Friedman, actor, film producer and above all gender issue, and since we are famous for the legendary "Ilsa, She Wolf of theSS",in which however is signed with a pseudonym.