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No Moriré Sola

Let's face it, if you watch a "Rape Revenge", you must at least have the posthumously nausea. Otherwise doesn’t apply.

And after several such movies that show the displayable, as if to justify violence and morbidity for satisfy the audience, we found one that touches the right chords. "No Moriré Sola" is a "rape revenge" very violent who focused all in the action and revenge. A disturbing movie that does not show in an ambiguous way the female nudity, which are also few, but relies entirely on rhythm, blood, pale colors and the music swing. A distressing films and thus a "rape ravenge" interesting! A good job, written by Adrian and Ramiro Bogliano and the first also directed it.

Adrián García Bogliano is a promising Spanish/Argentine who has since he was young  found its way into the horror genre. A passion that is taking him very far and that makes "No Moriré Sola" in 2008 the fifth feature film, which then, until today, many have been added.

The Bogliano’s idea was to overthrow the male-dominated society, with winning women, ruthless, who use their femininity as if it were a force, an energy, unlike, for example, "I Spit On Your Grave", to quote the most famous "rape revenge" where femininity is used as a trap. A new issue in Bogliano filmography, a gamble in some ways, just as the desire to build characters with animal-like behavior. Feature that is especially evident in the way of communication between women and men, with the first occurring the one language that others can understand: violence. Great ambitions then "No Moriré Sola" but also great risks indeed Bogliano decided to run but which are transformed, as they are well-structured, in the strengths of the movie. Yes, everything works and we see the power of women at all erotic, and even the wild aspect of the protagonists.

The story of a group of girls running in the countryside of "La Plata", where they find and rescue a woman hit by a bullet. They bring the girl to the hospital and report to the police. Everything looks okay, but maybe a "blown", perhaps the corruption, the authors of the crime are also hunters, find and chase girls. Their violence is without pity, and what happens is easily imaginable. Segregated, bound, raped in the woods. But some of them manage to escape and organizing revenge as hard as that suffered.

The cast consists of actors who have done little in the film, but showing some skill in making their characters believable. "No moriré sola" is a film raw, hard to see but still a fine, an episode for this kind.