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Black Magic

Many ideas, many tricks and traps, to fall in love the lover, man or woman. It may seem a good structure for "Italian Sex Comedy", but we are in Hong Kong with the crazy "Shaw Brothers" and with a director like Meng Hua Ho.So, everything takes on new details, horror as the title tell, speaking about the black magic.

Not only that to tell the truth, but also the clash between ancient and modern. Beliefs, tradition and wicthcraft on the one hand versus business, buildings, economic expansion on the other. Don't think that the philosophical level is high, because aside from this particular all the rest is "easy", with poor acting and special effects just as disappointing.

So "Black Magic" takes on a role as a pleasant "B Movie" incoherent, but with a great soundtrack.

The story can also pass as a ghoulish "soap opera" and has only five people as protagonists. All are driven by sexual feelings or instincts. We have: the talented and diligent worker Xu Nuo who work at at a construction site and he will marry his fiancè Quming, but Xu Nuo suffers also the  bullying and stalking from his chief a billionaire and beautiful widow named Luo Yin.

She however, is strongly wanted by Lang Jianjie, sinister and penniless man who wants at all costs to marry her. The bonding of these situations is Shan Jianmi an old sorcerer able to do black magic and love spells.

Then begins the chaos; Lang Jianjie goes to the magician to bring down the beautiful Luo Yin. The spell goes well but for only one night, she discover all, gets angry, but she also goes to the old sorcerer for a spell to fall in love with Xu Nuo.

Done, Xu Nuo fall in love with her, and as she is in business, she try to with another black magic trick to kill the poor Quoming. And it's already a mess. But we must add that Shan Jianmi loves Luo Yin and as the art of magic is his daily bread, he can end up, with another spell, in the arms of the woman.

This skein will unravel slowly, slowly, with the arrival of the forces of good that defy the forces of evil in a scene that goes down in history for the rudimentary special effects.

We have a little 'dwelt with the plot, but it was necessary to understand what is "Black Magic", in which there  are also fights and beatings scenes, and some scenes of topless to please the male audience. Not bad. Believe it.

The director is the aforementioned  Ho Meng Hua, a hero of the Hong Kong's movies and faithful collaborator of the "Shaw brothers". A little 'unjustly forgotten, he gave birth to more than fifty films, dividing his time between the horror and action movies. With him we find other well-known names of the "Shaw Brothers'" world, as Ti Lung or Lo Lieh bad by definition, the first star of the "Kung Fu" movies and later director. There is also the lovely Tien Ni, Li Lily and especially Feng Ku whose resume would fill this and other blogs.