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5 Bambole Per La Luna D'Agosto

He talks and everyone say he was right. More or less all. All right, Mario Bava is a myth of the  movies made at home, we just love it, but we don't agree on the fact that in his opinion, this  film has not gone well.

In a cascade way then, critics and audiences have gone along, leaving to a small group the goal  of speak well about this movie.We are among those, but we must also admit that "5 Bambole Per La  Luna D'Agosto" is not among the best movies in the huge filmography of the director and is not  even in the history of cinema.

This thriller of 1970 has its good defects. A very thin plot, granted if you will, that  sometimes becomes too bizarre, not to mention a final absurd. But 5 Bambole Per La Luna  D'Agosto" has a number of very positive things such as great aesthetics, a wonderful soundtrack  composed by the usually immense Piero Umiliani and other small features that lead us to  appreciate it.

And we can say that we like it from the beginning. With its apathy on the bored bourgeoisie,  with a YOUNG Fenech dancing sexy and wild, on the zoom in of the director. We also like it  later, when we see a seductive scene with transparent marbles rolling down the stairs. And we  are fascinated by the smash horror film, the storage of the dead, one by one, in cellophane and  then in a cold room, the measures announced by a hypnotic tune.

Will be already clear that the environment is pop, made up of objects that would drive crazy  every designer or simply a fan of the late sixties and early seventies. Extravagant design,  architecture textbook, stuff that would end today under the label of "vintage". Perfectly in  tune with the rise of the middle class are spending their time between the parties and betrayals  of their respective partners. Not all is happy though, because this place is a colorful place  where many people invited to a mansion on an island owned by a wealthy industrialist, to try to  convince a scientist to sell a staggering formula, slowly, slowly begin to be killed.  Summarizing the comparisons and if you like this is a pop version of "Ten Little Indians" by  Agatha Christie.

Interpreters are a number of actors from long resume. From young Edwige Fenech that become more  familiar with one of the many genres in which we will see her to William Berger, austrian actor  we've seen in many spaghetti westerns, thrillers and also dramas. With them was also Ira Von  Furstenberg known more for gossip more movies, however she has participated in several films,  and at the end the Frenchman Maurice Poli other permanent presence in Italian movies and Helena  Ronee.

From thriller "5 Bambole per La Luna D'Agosto" becomes an archaeological mystery when we speak about its location.
For IMDB it was filmed at Anzio in Tor Caldara, but it is a thesis that does  not convince many people, as well as the fact that the staircase seen in the last scene is the one of the EUR in Rome. What is almost certain is that the exterior of the villa is one of the  many tricks of the great Bava