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Hobo with a shotgun

This is the lesser known cousin of "Machete" and deserves as much respect as his famous Mexican relative. It also inspires the same awe. It's scary, this ruthless underground hero, dirty and with different shadows in his soul. And it’s the protagonist of this Canadian film, a stunning movie, a treat for film buffs, flying high with an original story, well constructed and a perfect photography, which  many famous can only dream.

The protagonist is an hobo, played by Rutger Hauer in a convincing performance that occasionally slows in intellectual excess . He on board a train for the event arrives at "Hope Town" which contrary to the name is a place where violence reigns, the policemen are corrupt and city ​​is governed by Drake and his two sons. Drake is generous in a sense, he loves to give to citizenship splatter shows that refer to the gladiators, or even simple public executions. After several days spent in delirium of "Hope Town" and after finding out police corruption, our hero buys a gun, a Remignton 870 and begins to make the lone avenger, helped in part by Abby a young prostitute. Drake and cronies start a bloody battle to stop this strange enemy.

So far the story unfolds on the royalties that we know, the form of explotation in its modern revival, but the last part the director turning into the surreal.

It 's a gamble , we can tell just one perceives the change, but eventually we realize that everything does not lose anything and the story got even further in depth.

"Hobo With A Shotgun" has such a wide range , with moments that go beyond the exploitation canons, touching a bit 'of splatter and so far nothing to be surprised, but also a great satire on society and even psychedelic moments.

The craziest moment in our humble opinion it’s when Drake brothers burn alive the kids to a school bus listening to "Disco Inferno".But it is a matter of taste and choice with all these beads, it is very difficult.

A great masterpiece in its genre, no doubt about it. Discovered by "South by Southwest" music and film  festival Robert Rodriguez, hence its relationship with "Machete", where "Hobo With A Shotgun" won precisely the trailer contest.

Behind this film we find a relatively unknown Canadian director, Jason Eisener and Karim Hussain who was also director of photography and director, famous for his "Subconscius Cruelty " of 2000.

The cast was strong in the name with Rutger Hauer substitute of the hobo who participated in the trailer presented at the festival. At his side many Canadian actors including Gregory Smith that of "The Patriot", "Everwood" and "Small Soldiers."

The curiosity is that the cast is composed by Nick Bateman four times world champion martial and Jeremy Akerman former leader of the "New Democratic Party" of Nova Scotia, who ironically plays the corrupt chief of police.

Three million dollars of budget for this film shot, if not understood, in Canada at Halifax.


OriginalTitle: Hobo With A Shotgun

Alternate Titles: O Mendigo Com uma Espingarda (Brazil), Skitnica knows sacmarom (Serbia)

Year: 2011

Country: Canada