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Convoy of Girls

Not much nazisploitation, a litte about war, lead us to boredom. "Convoy Of Girls" is a french movie of 1978, who give a surprise: the signing of Jess Franco who writes and directs, apparently, with Pierre Chevalier.

We say apparently, because aside from the name of the mythical director and production by "Eurociné" a mileston of exploitation, there's very little of our spanish hero. Indeed, nothing. Here there aren't his innovative and strange shots, there isn't the darkeness of his movies and you are interested there aren't beautiful girls. There is only a good soundtrack and the presecence of Monica Swinn to testify in a certain sense, the relationship with Franco.

"Convoy Of Girls" is a disappointment movie, but we must say that we don't want to see at all cost the usual nazisploitaition movie and a "war movie" could be interesting. but this one stand in the middle disappointing everyone. The start seems good, two lovers are walking in a very green garden. Then we find the man, Erich, in  in the middle of a battle of a Second World War in some Nazi campaign in North Africa. Wounded, Erich returns home, where becomes a hero and is awarded to any office in Berlin. As every nazis' movies want some men and Erich spends the night in a brothel where between dinners and champagne spills on to the girls, he met again, the girl with he ran carefree in the meadows. Renata.

We never thought that we would have to regret the miss of the usual sex and food scenes, but in this case we must admit that from this point the things change and the plot goes down.

Renata instead is "imprisoned" in the brothel cause of her father who was hiding Rachel a Jewish woman, the only one among others that is whipped in the movie, so, she asks to his old love to be freed but also that the father didn't make a bad end.

Erich tries, but it's too late . It 's too late even to save the girl who is being transferred elsewhere by train, but during the journey, the convoy, which for some reason gives the title to the film (perhaps inspired by the Payet's movie?), Is attacked by the rebels. She escapes.

Erich, who for unknown reasons is always at the front again, but this time is in a small village in the snow, pass the night in the local tavern. Trivially, the place is another Nazi brothel where he finds his lover who now works in there. The two plan to escape and save herself from the absurd war.

We wonder about a bit 'of things, including why she continues to end up in brothels, but also because why Erich makes a long monologue, of which we share However the ideas, but it's really, really boring. Then we let you search the reason why the two escaping perfectly visible in full daylight.

Apart from the location of the snow-covered village, there isn't much to appreciate in "Convoy Of Girls" considering that the "girls" go entirely unnoticed . It's a movie that would have many ideas that are ignored and undeveloped.

Pierre Chevalier in his career has directed several "exploitation" including "La Vie amoreuse de l'homme invisible" which pays homage to the character of Dr.Orloff.