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(Aka Barbed Wire Dolls)


Mouses in the soups, uniforms too short, no underwear and many torturea. Franco and Dietrich do not save in this "Frauengefängnis", worldwide known by the title "Barbed Wire Dolls" which someone say that is the most "infamous" movie by Franco.
Whether this is true or not, we must admit that the Spanish director (with the Swiss friend) create annoying movie, that from the dogma of the "Women In Prison" adds a lot 'of violence and morbidity.
The result is not memorable, because "Frauengefängnis" is sometimes boring, lost in its tortures, scenes a bit 'absurd and that many female nudity, but opening the section "the corner of the maniac," we must admit that aren’t bad , as we find Lina Romay, the meteor Martine Stedil and the very special charm of Monica Swinn. The men are Paul Muller and Erik Falk, two faithful of Franco, two experts of genre cinema.
A strong cast, safe, who work in a story set in a prison built on an island and in which the director (Monica Swinn) goes around in micro shorts and unbuttoned shirt, loving the prisoners, usually drugged by Dott.Costa (Paul Muller) and offered to the local squire, a voyeur frightened by sex.
So very short uniform let see what's underneath and it is needless to say that Franco focuses on the details very willingly, often for free, placing the rest of the film on very special tortures and clinical investigations. As genre wants there must be an escape from the prison, which arrive very late and is a little 'twisted in its planning but that leads us to a more than decent ending.
A Franco more static than usual, a little visionary, clings to several suggestive images (oh no, we don’t talk about the girls but about the island), that doesn’t save this work, which remains one of the many “morbid” chapters of the collaboration between the spanish and the swiss.
Lina Romay is one of the protagonists, Mary, imprisoned for killing his father, played by Franco, after the latter had bothered. In the prison she meets other prisoners including Bertha (played by Martine Stedil, an actress that we wonder why she starred in only five films) that becomes her friend. Bertha has a relationship with one of the jailers and is the protagonist of the more morbid of the whole story, a medical examination carried out by the Nazi-director interpreted as always by Monica Swinn.
Having said all that, we learn that the mouses have great nutritional value.

Fact Sheet

Titololo Original: Frauengefängnis
Alternative Titles: Barbed Wire Dolls (USA) Caged Women (UK), Woman Caged (Philippines: Inglese title), Women's Penitentiary IV
Country: Switzerland
Director: Jess Franco
Duration: 90 '
Cast: Lina Romay, Paul Muller, Monica Swinn, Roger Darton, Ronald Weiss, Erik Falk
Studio: Elite Film