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Dangerous Seductress

Our lives are marked by random events that change the course, but in the movie which we are about to speak, it must be said, that fate is so random but so random that even the best guess in the world wouldb’t be able to sense what is going to happen.

Think about it: a rough flight of jewel thieves, with long but harmless gunplay, ends incidentally, with the dismemberment of the fugitives whose pieces end up in a cemetery. A finger of one of these has a magic ring that apparently awakens a "Dark Queen".

Meanwhile Linda runs away from home after being raped by her husband and takes refuge in her sister's home in Indonesia, which, looks at the case, she is a model and she has a villa good for Hollywood built near the cemetery above.

The model leaves the house for work, her sister stays at home and not get bored  she read a book written in a strange language, which just happens definitely wakes up the "Dark Queen", which requires the girl to her will. From here, Linda goes around seducing men whom blood is nourishment for the "Dark Queen". Of course there is a holy man, who happens, appears in an early scene, totally out of place and especially with the face of a man who knows that a caos will break out.

How easy is sede men if you are in Indonesia and you're blond and curvy. Strange thing is that the influence of an evil spirit may transform a person in a pool champion as shown in a scene. Strange also that "queen" half zombie and half vampire, appears naked in a swimming pool and emits light sensitive points. Trashy.

We can then fly over the special effects including highlight, in addition to the sources of light in the costume area, including the reconstruction of a skeleton monster back woman with a "Stop Motion" very traditional, but also the audio at times over proportionate and some not very well glued to frames.

This 1992’s sexy indonesian movie, without nude scenes, takes some of the cast from Australia and from the States and sees director of H.Tjut Djalil craftsman of sorts already seen grappling with "LadyTerminator",is a chaotic jumble of random things hardly credible.


The final effect isn’t "horror" but unintentionally comical, also magnified by a soundtrack out of place, could undermine even the most agitated moments. Basically "Dangerous Seductress" is a funny movie, fast and never boring, a beautiful and absurd "B movie".