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Rats...Night Of Terror

"A fridge full of rats! Hey Kurt, so we no longer suffer from hunger! Do you know? My mom could cook they very well, she bleed them and then she filled with roots, so to eliminate the wild taste of"

The recipe above is really easy, better than those of Gordon Ramsey and is easy as the plot and the realization of this movie. Bruno Mattei and Claudio Fragasso, who divide the work between director and screenplay, are the two that are behind this pearl trash, hard to ignore.

"Rats ..." should be seen. It ‘s cinema lesson. It teaches how that, cinema could create stories using four ideas thrown together and how much gall had directors, producers and writers to propose a films like this.

"Rats ..." shows a certain craft as early as the fact that Mattei & Fragasso goes more or less in the "post nuke"genre. Above all  they do it in words, placing all the actions inside a building or something like that, which  we understands only that it had a bar and some rooms (hotel? Mah ...).

Is a brilliant movie if we like, it doesn’t deal with expensive special effects, or environments from the future, it has only Rats, as the title suggest, but without being veterinarians we understood that are peaceful guinea pigs painted gray. Many Guinea pigs have also suffered this thing, but is a bit better "work" than the one in laboratory.

Then with a pair of discarded costumes from "Mad Max" our two culprits dressed actors whose characters have sacrosanct apocalyptic names (Lilith, Taurus, Videogame, Duke and Kurt). All whipped, thrown into this incredible story.

In 2015 after a resounding nuclear war the world is divided into two races. Those who live underground and those who want to try to live aboveagain. The two races hate each other and until the last image you don’t know why.

Forget this and focus instead on a group of riders who end in the above-described mysterious place, where there are reserves of food, we wonder why that are wasted and a bottle of liquor remained strangely intact despite the war and the time spent. And then there are the rats. They are super-pissed and devour one by one the riders and also can carry the corpses (!). The struggle is hard and takes place in one night, during which our protagonists, the motorcyclists of course, have time to have sex and also to fight for the leadership of the group.

The action has long moments during which you can see some bloodshed, but sometimes also well structured scenes and sometimes rats launches over actors.

At the end is a nice movie, everything goes well and we must added theload of nonsense of the of the last ten minutes. Must see.

Ottaviano Dell'Acqua famous for "Zombi 2" by Lucio Fulci plays Kurt, the hero. The actor after has turned s career as a stunt man participating in numerous movies. With him the faithful Massimo Vanni with whom he worked in many films and Geretta Geretta actress of color who worked and still works successfully around the world (in the true sense of the word). The photograph, not bad at times, is by Delli Colli.