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Dirty O'Neil

For over an hour on 130' we are on a successful sex comedy made even more funny thanks to its easy listening soundtrack.

Jimmy O'Neil is the cop who all want to be. He works in a small town in which at most he must persuade a man dressed as gorilla to not kill himself, his neighbor who has no enemies in the garden and also to emphasize the hitchhikers that cars must be waiting on the sidewalk and not on the road.

Just want to overdo the emotions he has to do the bodyguard to a wealthy young woman. No peril in short...oh one there is and are the women who force Jimmy to satisfy their.

In a towm where it's always hot and where alla are and wearing low-cut dresses or tops, you will agree with us that's a good job.

But while we are there enjoying this movie also wondering why it was done (considering that it's all very restrained),it pass the hour of vision and it happen the bad fact that displaces: a rape by a group (of motorists) against the maid, young and beautiful, as usual, of the local diner.

Now it will be nice to understand that this thing was added later, and after realizing the excessive lightness of the script or if it was a planned choice. Who knows! But this fact ruin our vision and leads the last part of the movie to drama.

The end, however, goes back to being happy with our Jimmy in the hospital that "must" satisfy the nurse, young and beautiful.

"Dirty O'Neil" is a bit strange movie for this combination, a not bad movie but a lower livel than others of its age.

It's a movie that doesn't develop the two themes  (the playboy and urban violence). So it's an harmless film.

Forgotten, in part, by history, this 1974's movie 1974 film has as directors Leon Capetanos and Lewis Teague. The first is more famous as a screenplays writer of comedies, "Down And Out In Beverly Hills" of 1986 with Nolte or "Fletch Lives" in 1989 with Chavy Chase, than as director.

The second one starts here his prolific career as a filmmaker. In the seventies, he continues is with exploitation, then he explodes in the eighties with two adaptations of two works of King, "Cujo" and "Cat's Eye", then he move on to comedy with "Jewel Of The Nile" with Cathleen Turner Danny DeVito and Michael Douglas. One can say that Teague didn’t miss anything and, even adventure with "Navy Seals", the sci-fi "Wedlock" and even less for some royal TV series.

In reality, when Teague was put behind the camera for this film he has already work in cinema could having learned the job from Pollack, then worked with Corman, with whom he served as second unit for "Death Race 2000", without forgetting the collaboration for the documentary "Woodstock" and the film "Crazy Mama" by Demme.

Another famous face is our Jimmy played by Morgan Paull as we have seen in "Patton" in "Fool's Parade" and especially the role of Holden in "Blade Runner". We also find Art Metrano and Raymond O'Keefe seen in many TV series and