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Kieslowky, Wajda, and we put indirectly, Roman Polansky. The great cinema of Poland with great directors and full of intense art movies are
find among its most successful and beloved episodes this "Seksmisja" or "Sex Mission" if you prefer. A Title full of suspect, for a movie in non suspect times. 1984

A sci-fi divide between the comic and sexy. Very strange, very suspicious that such a trivial subject has generated a cult film, that the Poland audience after poll have crowned as the most beautiful movie of the past thirty years.

The trick is there but not seen. We must say that "Seksmisja" does not deserve to be on this blog of "B Movies", because after seeing it you realize that this film by Juliusz Machulski is a masterpiece of refined intelligent satire.

A film that is sexy, comic and sci-fi, but that hides skilfully critique the then Polish society, ie the communist regime. Not by chance had any problems of censorship and not coincidence Machulski's career continued with the same key, making him an uncomfortable for the regime, but beloved director.

"Seksmisja" succeeds in the attempt to describe and criticize a society in which citizens are subjugated by a regime that denies primary mind and freedom.
It Overdo really too much while it describe the "other side" that seem perfect in every aspect. While ... well ... you know. But this is the only flaw for a movie that puts in his satire and zany sexy scenes that lighten the background and move away the usual "suspicious". We would like to see a little 'more than comic game between the two protagonists, a major development of the characters, but this just to make precise.

The story of "Seksmisja" starts in the future. Ie in 1991, which in hindsight would not have had the socialist system. Far from being able to read the future Machulski places two volunteers who undergo a trial of hibernation, designed as usual by an scientist with handicap (Hawkins has also inspired the Poles!).

The two, however, instead of waking up a few years later, find themselves in 2044 and soon discovered that the world that they know has been supplanted by a system of women, where men are banned, banished, erased from history and supplanted by a precise process of parthenogenesis. This women civilization lives in a huge skyscraper underground well protected from the outside world full of radiation.

After several attempts to convince the regime's own goodness, and especially after having tried to escape, so comical, they can with the help of a "rebellious" escape and see the reality obscured by the regime and the lies of the same.

Various thin and comparisons with the society of the time are present in the movie. The meeting of the "Party" ("The League") to the events of Lech Walesa and his jump of the wall and of course the Berlin Wall. Let us always remember that we are in 1984.

Another key, you can find more superficially is the conflict between the sexes, even if it represents a secondary objective.

In the cast are Olgierd Lukaszewicz and Jerzy Stuhr two real stars in their country, which are of institutional roles Polish films in addition to winning numerous awards abroad. In the large sample female emerges Beata Tyszkiewicz the "first lady" of Polish cinema, which has had the honor of working with the best directors of his country.