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He hasn't the muscles of Arnold Schwarzenegger,and too all the weapons, but Chander, for friends Chandu, can dance definitely better. Mithun Chakraborty and director Babbar Subhash that we have already seen in "Disco Dancer" come back to us with another film not to be missed.

At first sight it might seem that this is the Indian version of 1988, pure and simple, of Lester's film, not only in reality it is, but it is also absolutely and damn much, much, more. Here you will find everything except horror and porno. Because this is a story of faith, patriotism, action, martial arts, comedy and rightly so, because we are still in Bollywood also a love story with many musical numbers. Almost forgot: there are "Star Wars" and "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly".There aren't spaceships, no laser swords, horses and even sand, but in the face of copyright here in a generous use the famous theme music from the two movies.

The fact that the realization is a worthy "B Movie" is a given, but that gives us exciting moments of movie made at home. Models of houses that explode, fake bullets and wonderful leaps into the void where the stunt is a doll, or even worse an object thrown in to a beautiful model.

And the viewer is sitting there, enthralled, astonished, than a man can might dare. And how much a man can do.

Summarize the story is quite a feat, but we want to try the same. Chander is the young son of a special agent who was killed during an assassination attempt versus Indira Gandhi.
Once Chandu grew more or less follows the path of his father and began working for an arms factory militarized, but privately owned. There he discovers a plot by the leaders against the owner, but especially against India. These bad guys would create chaos among the various religions in the country by stealing and selling weapons.

Chandu foil a couple of these operations thanks to big fightin then he falls in love for the daughter of the owner who is kidnapped and imprisoned in the den of evil. The last mission especially dangerous must do in incognito as not to destabilize relations between India and another country unknown (we might say, Pakistan).

The plot does not always have a logical and even though the film lasts two hours and twenty, they take many shortcuts to get by. A lot 'of quirks give us more than a smile, as early as the "armed wing" of the bad guys called just "Ninja" who is presented as the best in the world outside of Japan. A must emphasize also that Chandu manages to enter the stronghold of evil, can not get there by helicopter, difficult to walk, someone say to him, simply hooking into a kind of bar. His code name is DhumDhum, while contact in the base calls himself JhumJhum (fancy that!) .

Perhaps the best is represented by the escape of Chandu and beloved Asha by car fleeing from bullets that rain singing "Sing a Song, the vehicle is going, a little dance, I know That journey will completed withoutboring."Ah, great.

The mixture of musical genres, are very interesting apart from the theme of "Star Wars" is coming even to reggae, with a particular version of "Commando",the theme song of the movie, which became just think 'in a kind of ska and then in rockabilly.

Hemant Birje is a shoulder that worked many times with the legendary Mithun Chakraboty. He is an actor who has just debuted with Subhash in "Tarzan" and has become a shoulder of the faithful good Mithun. A beautiful trio is completed with "Ninja" starring Danny Denzogpa a Sikkimese and the usual mythical characteristics as Shakti Kapoor and AmrishPuri.

For once a Curriculum of an actor/actress from bollywod isn't not full participation in movies but full of gossip. Mandakini who plays Asha the daughter of the owner had a "short" career only forty-one films from 1985 to 1999 during which the gossip has sparked the tiled repeatedly to the boss Dawood Ibrahim still wanted by Interpol, heads a large criminal organization with interests in drugs and terrorism and linked to Al Qaeda. Mandakini for the record is no longer collusion with him, she is married and has stopped acting.