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Not Of This Earth

The years go by, times change, customs change. So some changes' round. But what never changes is the cunning of someone like Roger Corman, who thirty-one years after the release of "Not Of This Earth" produced the remake filmed by Jim Wyrnoski an interesting director of "B Movie."

A smart remake, which copy every scene and shot by his predecessor, adding, besides the color, even a little 'tits. Precisely because times have changed.

Little to say about the plot and achievement and even the characters that remain unaltered apart from some small difference. We note for example that the bums invited to dinner, are replaced by prostitutes and the chinese monk sent into hyperspace is supplanted by a stripper. And also, in the opening scene the two lovers who were on their way home, there are in the middle of petting.

But apart from that this movie is similar to the to old one, adding this time the nurse Sheila exudes sensuality and who goes around the house with a skimpy bikini. There couldn’t be different this character, as is played by Traci Lords the famous sexy-star/pornostar here in her first film not hard.

A good performance by an actress knows for her eventful life. Ran away from home at fourteen, she became sexy model and after a porn actress at  fifteen, with a false birth certificate.

Discovered and arrested in 1986, she has enjoyed an outstanding reputation, and then completely change careers.

She end her porn career and then she studied acting that brought her to this first movie (the last one where he shows his body) and then to roles in TV series, films and broadcasts.

"Not Of This Earth" modern version does not add or detract from the story already seen in the predecessor. The original still carries more appeal, although there is the beautiful  Traci.

In addition to her "Not Of This Earth" there are an infinite number of actors who have played many parts in their long career, Arthur Roberts, Lenny Juliano, Ace Mask, Roger Lodge, Michael Delano and Kelli Maroney, an faithful Wyrnoski’s actress.

In the cast there is also an actress from life rather curious.  The irrepressible Becky LeBeau,who can say he had everything a woman should have. Do not think bad, indeed not only bad, because aside from being a blonde explosive Becky has a degree in psychology, with honors, a long career as a model and actress of "B Movie" with Wyrnoski, but also a vast amount of and tv series produced and soundtracks composed by herself. In her spare time, she helps a kennel.

A well chosen cast by Jim Wyrnoski. He is an active filmmaker since the early eighties, whili he dropped everything to escape from New York to California to fulfill his dream. He placed himself on the heels of Corman from has learned the work and then he has directed a few movies under his wing and then soared with improbable horror. In recent years Wyrnoski took the road most of the "Direct to video" movies for television and cable, not disdain soft-core films often parodies of mainstream films, sometimes collaborating with Fred Olen Ray the boss of "Retromedia."

Original Title: Not of This Earth
Alternate Titles: De otro mundo (Venezuela), Le Vampire de l'espace (France) Nie z tej ziemi (Poland), Vampire aus dem All (Germany), the Vampire espacio (Spain)
Year: 1988
Country: USA
Directed by: Jim Wyrnoski
Starring: Traci Lords, Arthur Roberts, Lenny Juliano, Ace Mask, Roger Lodge Michael Delano, Kelli Maroney, Becky LeBeau, Ava Cadell
Duration: 81
'ProductionHouse: Miracle Pictures, Pacific Trust