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Bragas Calientes

"... Existe Otra Vida Lo Que No somos Existimos nostros"

"Hot Pants", as warm as the years after Francisco Franco, in which Spain wants to prove to the world that is a modern and exciting nation (they will do it!).

A "Joie de vire" which in this case comes a bit 'after the maximum time according to what historians say, because we are already in 1983, well after the Football World Cup.

But we still want to tie us to this sense of modernity, the desire to show a new nation, to justify a film that otherwise would have no reason to exist.

"bragas Calientes" is really a bad, bad movie and it traveling on two diametrically opposite channels. On the one hand, we see situations created only to watch sex scenes, lesbian and heterosexual, as close to hard. The other hand has a little 'philosophy, symbolism, with parallels between dream and reality, and figures that represented evil.

To all this, his already impossible, we must add the absolute modernity, citing (so to speak), none that "A Space Odyssey", whit a robot who controls a house.

Sex, philosophy, modernity are the pillars that hold up (so to speak) this story, starring some guys who are in a disco Madrid,  in which they have sex. One of these boys engages some girls for a party in a villa. In the place explodes (you always say), the action. The house is governed by the robot, and while it speaks and says, guests have sex in any situation.

Alongside these two events, there are continuous attacks by bandits, but who knows why they never enter into house, except once, but confine themselves in the garden catching some girl.

It’s clear the message of Julio Perez Tabernero and could make some sense, if everything was not badly done, badly acted and pushed it too hard on sex. A film that is also boring and very, very trash.

Tabernero, however, has a resume really good for what we see here. As we read on Internet he has shot many movies, among these someone talking well (so to speak) of "Cannibal terreur" co-directed in 1981. Tabernero who also had an acting career, edited in 1976 for the Spanish market the film by Franco “Midnight Party”


OriginalTitle: bragas Calientes

Alternate Titles: Hot Panties (USA)

Year: 1983

Director: Julio Perez Tabernero

Country: Spain

Starring: Paola Matos, Emilio Linder, Alicia Prince, Elena Alvarez, Maika Sanz