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Buio Omega

Say what you want but this is a love story . It's true that sugar and honey are replaced by blood and it's true that love here is more similar with guts than heart. But, yes, we assure: this is really a love story.

The poet of this love story is our legendary JoeD'Amato,more inspired than ever, gives us a "cult movie" of those who make history, those who goes beyond.

As usual, the prolific director denied nothing and denies us nothing, shooting on the audience a large number of things "disturbing", including the gory details, manic sex, inserted between each other in a dark environment inhabited by characters who seem to run away from "Freaks." In a nutshell, this is a masterpiece, repulsive, heavy. Beautiful.

A poor realizatione and poor acting are the technical characteristics with which the Massaccesi has to work as ever and are things that he can transform into something (in)credible due to his hands as an artisan.

It's visionary our hero, who manages to touch all the strings doses that lead to discomfort the audience using sex, necrophilia, extortion, massacres, betrayals and people dissolved in acid. A vast repertoire of situations that shout of joy the lover this genre of cinema. All things that grind together and put in a container dripping with blood, makes the story starring Francesco, a wealthy orphan who has two great passions: the embalming and his girlfriend Anna. Situations already grim sound of them, their clash with the figure of Iris wicked housekeeper envious that with the voodoo kills the beautiful Anna.

Mad for love Francesco does not resign. He steals the corpse, embalms her and puts her in his own bed. In exchange for the silence of Iris, he promises to marry her and leave all the heritagem then he bring home several girls whit which he had sex on his bed. That bed, where there is the corpse of Anna, to which goes all the Francesco's thoughts.

Morbid and repulsive, already so, the movie touches the peak of madness when on the scene arrives Theodora, twin sister of Anna that rekindles hope and the desire to live in Francesco. But it's s too late, a mechanism of self-destruction of the lives of the protagonists has set in motion a long time ago.

There is never a respite in "Buio Omega. The tension is always high, as is always the high power of images. characteristics that push this film of 1979 to the splatter. Home splatter, from the neighborhood butcher.

For us, apart the people removed, dismembered corpses, burned alive, those dissolved in the acid and the blood flowing rivers, the highest point reached by an ordinary house scene, a dinner to be exact, where all these weird characters, controlled by the horrible Iris, are togheter. But this matters little, this or another scene, we reiterate that this is a masterpiece.

"Buio Omega" is essentially a remake of "Il Terzo Occhio",a horror of mid sixties by Mino Guerrini,famous director for four episodes Buttiglione's comic-militaristic saga. From that D'Amato catches much of the history and makes it explode all potential morbidity, watering with red blood.

Shot in Trentino in just two weeks, contrary to what the movie said it seem that was a cheerful production. Cinzia Monreale and Anna Cardini on the DVD published by Nocturno tell that was a pleasant set and how was fun to work with D'Amato.

The movie has of course its good censorship problems and was even accused of having movie real autopsy. Of course it was only a trick, well done. D'Amato bought even the offal from the butcher, the one closest to the scene and used the rind of the pork for cuts scenes, making it adhere to the body of the actress. Things that now appear obvius but at the time were discussed.

The soundtrack is made "Goblin" the artists famous for Dario Argento's soundtrac. Here they give a sound to this horrific story whose main characters is Kieran Canter American actor at his second appearance after the ultra-trashy nazisploitation "Liebes Lager" and before turning his career to the porn, and concluded it in 1991 with the erotic film "Malù e L'Amante".

Kieran was a young American who hung around the Studios in Rome. He lived with his uncle in a hotel and apparently that also his relative was an actor, again according to Anna Cardini says in the aforementioned DVD. Kieran apart from these biographical notes, plays the protagonist with embarrassing intensity, as well as in two other films we've mentioned (his porn we haven't seen).

Fortunately there is with him Franca Stoppi, the evil Iris, who gives an artistic sense at all and is more effective in that role. Her indivual mask is suited to a character that couldn't be more black and reaches the top of morbidity masturbating the main character.
The beautiful Anna, blonde and innocent, is played by Cinzia Monreale,in the double role of twins. A career dedicated to horror (as "E tu vivrai nel terrore...L'Aldila!" And then to the TV with appearances in several series.


OriginalTitle: Dark Omega

Alternative Titles: Blue Holocaust (undefined), Omega Bio, Folie sanglante (France), A sötétségen tul (Hungary), Beyond the Darkness, Buried Alive (USA), Blutiger Wahnsinn, Sado - Stoss auf das Tor zur Hölle (Germany) House 6: El terror continues (Spain), in that house ... Omega the darkness (Italy), Mesa'm skotadi, Pera ap 'to skotadi, pyrina'm skotadi matia (Greece)

Director: Joe D'Amato
Year: 1979
Cast: Kieran Canter, Cinzia Monreale, Franca Stoppi, Sam Modesto, Anna Cardini
Duration: 94