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Nekromantik 2

 Do you remember Rob? The boy who collected body parts and was left by his girlfriend for a corpse?
Well, he has fall in love her again, but the nurse Monika loves his. She followed his case, and carries home his corpse, but she has terrible doubt “Is better Rob or my boyfriend?”. The boyfriend is Mark and is alive. He is the victim of all her pains, of her pervertions.  The good Mark, however is a strange guy.Silent, lonely, he double porn b movies and as if that were not enough, one day he opens the fridge and finds Rob's penis as well. He make some questions but continues the relationship. He doesn’t investigate further.
It 'a love story, as you can understand, again complex, re-designed by Buttgereit, which puts a powerful twist as in "Nekromantik".
The story works, the film severely affects the viewer, but its flaw because it follows the same story line of the first, in a more organized and same independent way, but that takes away any element of surprise.
The subject is more or less equal and the same architecture makes it too similar to its predecessor, taking away the fun (read disgust) to know where it ends up, not to mention the excessive auto quotations.
Buttrgereit plays with the same elements and then, proposing a disgusting movie, heavy and excessive. Necrophilia, blood, disembowelment of animals (this time a documentary about a seal), extreme sex. No much words, frame from the first movie, a lot of music in an attempt revive the poetry of death and destruction already seen in the first episode.
It’s a great movie, if you like this kind, in which the quality of the director are confirmed. Great success of the "underground" cinema is a movie to watch, as always, between meals, or if you have someone sliced in the fridge