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Eine Armee Gretchen

"I don't want come ouside german men or russian men are the same"

"Make love not war" is what we like to read from this film. Although actually in hindsight could be many other ways. One in particular: women are not good at making war, but only other.

It’s what said  Erwin Dietrich,not us, but apart from that and knowing the career of the swiss director and producer we think he doesn’t want to any moral but he would only extend his career with another sexy/soft core movie. And he succeeded.

"Eine Armee Gretchen" of 1973 is nazisploitation that leave the classic structure of blood, tortures and sexual phobia, describing with a less dramatic tone the historical period.

According to some, in this case, the choice of rounding the situation is due to the fact that this movie has been conceived for the German market.

Perhaps maybe or maybe not, the choice is yours, but what is sure here is ithat in addition to the rounded corners there is much less blood and especially the attempt to have a plot. An attempt, only that, because the dramatic plot goes in the background, overshadowed by the usual soft-core scenes and many naked girls.

Dietrich some times do a very good job, better than many other films, especially in the direction and in cinematography.

The story is set in the time of the collapse of the Third Reich. The protagonists are two sisters Marga and Eva Kuhn, daughters of a conscientious doctor in charge of selecting women to be sent to the front. Removed from office for being too selective Felix loses his daughters who end up in the front line. Don’t worry, there is no fierce fight, because instead of fighting there, in the front line there are the usual sexual perversions . A lesbian, a general that abuse women and the men of resistance who generate a melodramatic love story.

Then came the Communists, those bad guys, described by the phrase mentioned above, which gives credit to the theory that this is a film for the "German market".

is a Nazisploitation in any case, more digestible without torture, but more clever to use the theme to show a little 'tits, but it as also less movement and sometimes boring the viewer.