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With great satisfaction we can say that also in 1989 the Jacuzzi of Dona Speir  and Hope Marie Carlton, the agents Donna and Taryn, worked perfectly. Like their silicone that showed no abnormalities. And so it goes without saying that the two heroines of the "Triple B", sadly the last appearance together, wander here too from island to island knocking down enemies, and showing their tits as do their colleagues and how the genre wants.

Actually Andy Sidaris changes slightly and it seems that here would want to have a more serious tone. Don't get wrong, it seems we have said, not that this "Savage Beach" is an action film credible, but the American director shows less topless and dont' gives us cult scenes , as the freesbe, snakes from water or crutches that could make this film a trash gem like its predecessors.

Not at all, none of this is unfortunately and Sidaris also takes the trouble to mention the history the Second World War and put a bit of melodrama with a Japanese soldier who lives in the memories of those times and passing in the afterlife between Hope Marie Carlton's tits who kisses him chastely. But in tight tank top.

Even in the absence of cult scenes, we can assure that the story travels in the opposite direction to human possibilities.

The scheme proposed by Sidaris is always the same. Incipits with a mission to closing, then new and explosive adventure. Men and women attractive and hyper Buff that make sheep's eyes.

Donna and Taryn after destroying a major drug trafficking, in which the drug dealers worked comfortably with two guards at the port and you c
could easily distracted they with two quite undressed girls, have (the two heroines) to face a mission so to speak, of charity.

They have to carry a load of vaccine from Molokai  to Knox Island. In the meantime, however, the bad guy, Martinez, has hired many experts to search by a satellite a island where a japanese treasure is hidden from the years World War II. The plane of Donna and Taryn emergency landing exactly on the island of treasure, still watched over by a Japanese soldier. By the unforeseen holiday, in which the two think of being end, they found theyself among the sinister plans of Martinez to recover the treasure. The two wins of course also helped by a handsome CIA agent infiltrated.

A final mission for the two together, a movie with less nude that became a film exclusively boring. If the others episodes were bad, very trash, here we are only faced with a terrible film, not a cult.

The blonde former playmate, silicone or not are pretty sight, ending their collaboration here. Dona Speir continues with the "Triple B" for four episodes and a few appearances in TV productions.
Hope Marie Carlton however, comes from around Sidaris to appear in minor movies and other appearances in TV series. With their we find other famous actors of "Triple B's" as John Aprea, Bruce Penhall (famous for starring Bruce Nelson in "Chip's") and the inevitable Rodrigo Obregon.


Original Title: Savage Beach

Alternate Titles: Agenttitytöt kuoleman rannikolla (Finland), Dzika plaza (Poland), Heiße Girls und scharfe Schüsse (Germany), Isla salvaje (Venezuela), Kegyetlen part (Hungary), Vahsi Kumsal (Turkey).

Country: USA

Year: 1989

Directed by Andy Sidaris

Starring: Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton, John Aprea, Bruce Penhall, Rodrigo Obregon

Duration: 92 'Annulla modifiche