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Until  long time we knew that even who gets the vows it’s a person same at us. He or She is made by flesh, bones, waters and have desires and impulses. Now, it’s fine to make a film, it's okay to remind ourselves this message, but keep going for 72 'minutes is frankly too


This is what does "Sacred Flesh" do. It’s an English nunsploitation of 2000, which repeats the message like a mantra, in two different ways. At first, about twenty minutes, it trying to tell us with the philosophy, giving us a long monologues or speeches complex. Then it turn and change the point of view. It shows everything that you can see, with examples of the destruction ​​in small scenes. Nuns unleashed grappling with the boiling, with lesbianism, masturbation and of course with the torture. Scenes that each "nunsploitation" must have for contract.

It’s not clear what this movie wants and "Sacred Flesh",remains in the midst of various things. We see a vague horror, some strong images, which someone might can call "blasphemous" (nothing special only a girl naked and crucified) and big  doses of soft-core scenes pushed to the limit.

It’s an opportunity not well developed and the movie can annoyng the audiences.It has a good cinematography and the digital special effects are simple, but effective.

Oh, sure we don’t alforgot the main thing: the hot scenes. Good very good in every aspects giving rise to the usual question: "How nuns can be so beautiful?”

No is not possible. Then we can image the director Nigel Wingrove has only wanted to shoot on public naked flesh. In pounds. Could be, yes, considering the eclectic Curriculum of this eccentric director.

A not bad character this Wingrove, born in 1957 and star of a career devoted to only one thing: fighting censorship.

A hatred that emerged after the "British Board Of Classification "for blasphemy prohibits his short"Visions of Ecstasy".This is why in 1993 he founded the "Redemption Films", a production and distribution house totally against any ban. With this brand he distributes in the UK market several films of Rollin, Franco, Bava, Argento, Mattei and others, often incurring problems with the law.

Its scope has expanded over the years, Wingrove draws, writes books and creates the "Salvation Group" a container in which he put his ideas.

In addition to "Redemption Movie" there are also the "Jezebel Films" specialized in exploitation from sixties and seventies, the "Purgatory Films" division for adults and ultimately the internet community "-SatanicSluts."

It may be then, that he wants only shoot on audience, no doubt considering the quality, from every point of view of the cast.

For example, we find, still dressed, mind you, Kristina Bill which later became a singer, as well as her colleague Eileen Daly,and even the actress EmilyBooth.For the hot side but there is a large number of starlets led by Michelle Thorne porn stars and famous models.

All those are involved, with or without clothes, in a story in which a mother superior begins to have visions and to speak to Mary Magdalene and with a the skeleton of a dead nun.

For ending this madness soon as possible, she call a high priest and his assistant. Meanwhile, the Mother Superior continues to speak to Mary Magdalene, who insists that they have too sexual urges. The prelate and the aide come to his monastery as if they were on holyday. The first maintains long talks with a nun, while the second is having fun with a servant's place. A presence of the most unnecessary of movie history. Meanwhile, we see many examples of perdition. A final not bad, with a small shot scenes closes the debate.

Exteriors are shot in "House Knebworth"  of Knebworth one of the "country house", most famous in the uk.


OriginalTitle: Sacred Flesh

Alternative Titles: Agia Sarka (Greece)

Year: 2000

Country: UK

Director: Nigel Wingrove

Starring Sally Tremaine, Moyna Cope, Simon Hill, Kristina Bill, Eileen Daly, Emily Booth, Michelle Thorne

Duration: 71

'ProductionHouse: Salvation Films