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A Prisao

"Behind Bars No One Can Hear You Scream"

Let’s think positively, namely that what we saw here is a right turn in "Women In Prison" genre.A movie slightly different from the others. Not that the Brazilian director Oswaldo De Oliveira surprised us with something sensational, but to his credit he had in fact changed a little the way.

But the problem in this movie is that this new road is half redundant explosion of lesbianism and the other an excess of violence almost splatter.

For the rest is the usual story. We find then that the female prisons of the "WIP" Brazilians are a bad place full of lust and torture, exactly like in the rest of the world. It has the lesbian director, the guards who like to have sex with the prisoners and the latter having fun together in the cells.

The clothes are fragile as we seen in other prisons and revealing the total absence of undergarments. Torture, finally, by manual, between mice and jets of cold water. All were normal.

But in "A Prisao" the details are more motivated, repeated often, and sometimes even a little 'unintentional comedy. A little 'tiring in the long term vision, which shows us that the guards put their hands in his cell, the director who has a good time with the vice and with the prisoners, the nurse who loves prisoners and pineapple too, and  a male supllier, which takes advantage of the situation. Every moment, in short, where it is possible someone has sex.

Here ends the first part. From the flight, another classic of the "WIP", the film turn Where before there was morbidity, since the prisoners fleeing everything becomes more violent, sometimes splatter while maintaining the warm instincts.

Here  began a long carousel of cut penises, retaliation, homicides with police seeking for the fugitives . There is also a kid who makes a bad end.

If we waiting for the epilogue, we find us catapulted into another story, more bloody. The basic idea is not bad, but the desire to show too much, pushing excess, leading "A Prisao" to be a movie almost paradoxical and even a bit 'boring. Not bad, however, several scenes set in the favelas, locations that increase the drama and the squalor of the environment.

Made more that poor and performed even worse, "A Prisao" has behind the camera with the aforementioned Oswaldo De Oliveira, same name of a soccer coach, a director who has an interesting curriculum for us of course, that has given rise to many  brazilians "exploitation" do not disdain to try subcategories.

Among the actresses we see Martha Anderson, a jew-german actress born in Brazil who won many beauty competitions, then she tired the way of cinema in Rio De Janeiro. Between Soap Opera and "B movie" she even had time for a love life quite difficult. In 1977, nearly dying from a serious illness, having survived became a fervent religious, while her career was great recognition of critical years later, nearly forty years, thanks to the theater. Retired from the scene she is a television and theatrical producer.


OriginalTitle: A Prisao

Alternate Titles: The Bare Behind Bars (International), Tras las Rejas Desnuda (Mexico), Prison of the Dead - Mädchen hinter schutzlos Gittern (Germany)

Country: Brazil

Year: 1980

Director: Oswaldo De Oliveira

Starring: Maria Stella Splendore, Marta Anderson, Danielle Ferrite, Neide Ribeiro, Sonia Regina

Duration: 95

'ProductionHouse: Ao Lixao de Comercio Ltda Móveis, Galante Filmes