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Le Foto di Gioia

We can see little nostalgia in the photos of Gioia. A nostalgia for those good thrillers of the seventies, those of Mario Bava,Dario Argento or Sergio Martino to speak.

A nostalgia that haunts the son of Mario Bava, Lamberto, a director sometimes loved, sometimes hated (see Jesus Franco).

And he tries to revive those glories, exactly in 1987 with "Le Foto di Gioia".An admirable attempt on his own, which adds horror scenes and some small moments of good cinematography.

But unfortunately is the whole that counts and the result is far from acceptable.

Removing some beautiful scenes as some assassinations more than succeeded, little is good here. And the rest tries to hold on
boobs of two busty actresses at time at top of fame:
Sabrina Salerno and Serena Grandi.

The first act with the intensity of a tripod (we are talking about the photo) and justifies a famous joke of the time that was saying more or less "Sabrina Salerno is out of tune, but I would like to know who is careful how she sings ..". She has four /five phrases no more and she can tell it very badly, putting a piece showing the ... well you know!.

From Serena Grandi instead, the protagonist of the movie, we expected something more than a series of phrases thrown to the wind without the passion.

Let's clear that others are ​​"good" too. The great George Eastman is caught in the middle with a character to say the least useless. A Latin lover who does nothing other than undress he protagonist (in a bath and in a sauna). That was it. Many other characters are featured in the story, paradoxically appear soon too guilty to be the killers. A number of things that knock down the twists all in all well-designed, well drowning in the climate of italin eighties"

Bava anyway, we said, tries to do a good job putting some references to other films by inserting a" spectator " on a wheelchair morbid here, looking out the window and different features from horror of the seventies. But not enough.

Gioia, Serena Grandi,is a former model who after years of inactivity back into business, becoming the editor of the sexy magazine "Pussycat".

But the set of photos have a badly end. With violent killings pitchforks, wasps and bloodshed. Much meat as a side dish of quartered (and naked), there are also business rival, a lesbian love-director of Gioia and the Latin-lover.

Addition to Junoesque Serena Grandi e Sabrina Salerno,who seeks the path of cinema (but she didn’t find it) and in addition to the legendary George Eastman,the cast of "Le Foto di Gioia" includes a series of interesting artists.

Vanni Corbellini famous for the TV series "Incantesimo", "Un Posto Al Sole" and "Ponzio Pilato" Daria Nicolodiformer girlfriend of Dario Argento and mother of Asia and performer in many films directed by the roman director. Germaine Lefebvre better known as "Capucine", now here at the end of a glorious career, and unfortunately a few years by a sad end, was a the famous model, and actress that had her peak in the sixties, participating in international films as  "The Pink Panther" or "Fellini Satyricon" among many. Rounding out the list other names such as Marcia Sedoc, Corrado Pani and David Brandon.  


OriginalTitle: The Image of Joy

Alternate Titles: Crimenes en portada (Spain), Das Auge Unheimliche      (Germany), Delirium (International), Delirium: Photo of Joy (USA), Joy's Photograph, Photo of Joy Photo of Gioia (Indefinite) O diavolos den Kanei pistosi (Greece), Pesadelo Interminável (Portugal)

Year: 1987

Country: Italy

Directed by: Lamberto Bava

Starring: Serena Grandi, Sabrina Salerno , George Eastman, Daria Nicolodi Corbellini Vanni, David Brendon, Corrado Pani, Marcia Sedoc

Duration: 94 '