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Las Colegialas

We are latins, my friends, we are Italians and you Argentines. We are also United in brotherhood by the history, by the Italian immigration. We don't accept then, the poster of this film, praising an argentinian version of "Porky's".
Okay, we understand the commercial reasons, but those of blood, of heart, leading directly this movie to the very Italian "Italian sexy comedies". Philo teachers, of course.
 Even if you run out of time, because we, argentinian friends, in 1986 we were already  burdened with new trash "specialty": the "cinepanettoni" and comedies on yuppies, but this film mentions exactly the canons of the episodes with Fenech, Guida and Vitali.
Textures, structures, characters, jokes and sometimes even music, make us to feel at home!
Instead the environment makes us feel jinxed. Because here these students, are in a college, big, beautiful with trees and in which many activities are developed, unlike our students closed in old and dangerous buildings with old and awful programs.But on the other hand we have the Fenech. And Montagnani.

Apart from these things, the students here are happy. But the principal, an iron lady wants to curb the heat of the students with aa strong discipline. And so, she hire an inspector, who is kidnapped by the students and replaced by a dancer, very, really very much open to young people.
 A corollary of this situation are an endless series of trash gags some old and some fairly well ("I saw him naked and he have it as a child of five years old! Small? No, this high!").

"Las colegialas" is a very easy movie, with some naked scenes as genre wants. It's a movie to see if you have some time to spare. If we want to find a point of interest, we can say that it's interesting to see how a comedy style can be used (and modified) in other cultures.

The is Cast full of famous names of in Argentina's cinema and theatre, starting with the director Fernando Siro. He was a complete artist, actor and screenwriter (in part), has starred in numerous films, many also in Spain and he has directed many comedy movies. This is probably the most trash but it's also the last by him for the big screen, which Siro abandoned to devote himself to directing television series.
Last feature movie also for the star of this work: Carmen Barbieri. Well known in the country she is still active today. She is a showgirl, daughter and granddaughter of art. Concludes the overview of known personalities, actor Juan Carlos Altavista who went down in history for the character of Minguito a tramp who was the star of many films from the forties to mid-late eighties, shortly before the death of the actor.