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Liberi Armati Pericolosi

Quite simply this is a youth movie. Is true that there isn't the carefree oftwenties, but here we see a generation of bored young, where boring lead to a real carneficine.

The thought of how this would be with today's youth, brings a spontaneous smile, sad, well, a period that even with its strong contrasts had some strong ideas. A time for people who dare in all fields. In cinema and literature and among the many there is also Giorgio Scerbanenco an italian writer that marked the "police" and "noir" genre and inspired the world of cinema. From his book of short stories "Milano Calibro 9" (specifically, from "I bravi ragazzi Bang Bang") of 1969, comes the inspiration for this film made seven years later, and written by none other than another "brazen": Fernando Di Leo.
We didn't find, however, the lord of "Milano Calibro 9" but thewriter-director Romolo Guerrieri (boasting the screenplay of "L'Allenatore nel Pallone") and several films of various kinds as well as a relationship with Enzo G.Castellari, Ennio Girolami and of course with his brother Marino Girolami.

With a treasure in hands, however, Guerrieri doesn't disappoint and he is able to creates a taut movie that criticizes society and shows action and violence. He could do more there is no doubt especially in directing and could avoid long boring sermons.

"Liberi Armati Pericolosi" is an interesting movie that straddles several genres: a little 'poliziottesco, a bit' and a little noir 'thriller. A film that stands out for the great performances of Tomas Millian. The legendary Tomas plays  the Commissioner, a man in one piece, perhaps at the mercy of events, but very well structured. The only drawback is that he is  the "moral rectitude", too didactic, and full of ideas that he said to
thr parents's of criminals in a very long and boring scene.

Parents. They are the real culprits. Guilty of giving children too much freedom, too little education and many vices. All things that destroy society.
Thus, these bored twenty somethings form of criminal gangs. Mario "Il Biondo", the chief, Luis "The Mad", and Gio good by nature but fragile, engaged to Lea. The three bored by life enjoy doing robberies, but when escape the dead, after robbing in a gas station, the police are in hot pursuit. Maybe a little 'too luckily, another exaggeration narrative that does not work very well, they always manage to escape capture and continue with the crimes.

This isn't an isolated case, indeed, there is another gang of young people who enjoys doing the same things and is commanded by Lucio, a young and unrecognizable Diego Abatantuono.

In the group can't miss a picture wise, the young Lea, played by a lovely Eleonora Giorgi which, obviously, is also the "sexy" side of the movie.

In addition to the star Eleonora Giorgi and Diego Abatantuono are also Stefano Patrizi interpreter "Conversation Piece", "Cassandra Crossing" and "Portrait in Black Bourgeoisie." Benjamin Lev and Max Delys complete the banda of bored young criminals.


Original Title: Free, Armed, Dangerous

Alternate Titles: Adistaktoi sklirotrahiloi kai, kai Oplismenoi epikindynoi, Via sti (Greece), Bewaffnet und Gefährlich, Dirty Devils (Germany), Jeunes, désespérés, violents (France), Juventud y peligrosa armada (Spain), Les féroces, Rocket Boys ( France) (Greece), Young, Violent, Dangerous Young, Violent, and Desperate (USA)

Year: 1976

Country: Italy

Directed by Romolo Guerrieri

Starring: Eleonora Giorgi, Toman Millian, Stefano Patrizi, Benjamin Lev, Max Delys, Venatino Venatini