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Journey To Japan

It isn't a great spot Japan the one that Sadao Nakajima makes with this film and it's not good spot for himself, because Nakajima is a big name for  Japanese cinema. However these aren't the weaknesses of "Journey to Japan" or at least these are not the main. The biggest flaw is that it's not clear what he wanted to say with this movie. Some hypotheses, however, we came up with:
a) a critique of the society
b) a criticism of young people of all the world who have the same problems
c) a critique of Japanese society, or, why not, to freedom in Sweden.
Write on your screen what you think, we don't do it, only because we don't know what to choose.
We too have traveled and traveled in Japan (only mentally) to understand something and we thought that the intention of Nakajima was to highlight the discomfort of the young, always in search of individual liberties, sex in the first place, which are denied, even if appearance might seem otherwise.
In any case, our ideas wrong or not, the message traveling wrong and is not even clear if "Journey to Japan" wants to be a comedy or a drama, because it has elements of both. Pop tune, a few gags on the one hand, but stories of violence and drugs on other. In some ways it follows on the heels of "Pinku-eiga" with some boost (minor) yakuza history and a bit 'of Japanese symbolism.
Violence is against a well known face: Christina Lindberg. Which a year before becoming the star of "Thriller: A cruel picture" is "raped" repeatedly in Japan. It's not a surprise because the seductive Christina has spent his film career from being an object of desire more or less morbid or violent, and we can imagine that her presence in the cast has pushed some narrative choices.

The beautiful Christina, plays Ingrid, a Swedish girl who goes to Japan with the sole aim to deliver an envelope of drug to the local criminals. . For a simple mistake, however, she ends up in far worse hands, those of a pornographer boy who takes her home and rapes her. He falls in love, she runs away and has the same fate with a group of young men met in a nightclub. With a sort of "Stockholm Syndrome" Ingrid returns to the first guy, but the romance isn't lucky.
A rise and fall of violence and sex with the addition of a vague irony is what accompanies Christina Lindberg that appears to have the effect of a thousand viagra on all men that she meets. We mustn't remember, that Lindberg was indeed beautiful, but there is no doubt that Nakajima uses a lot of her beauties putting his camera whenever he can on her body

Sedao Nakajima is a true star of Japanese cinema and is a bit 'strange to find hin in a film not so goog, that however shows flashes of good cinema. Sedao is a Toei's standard bearer since 1959, he began directing films since 1964, becoming one of the most prolific directors of the famous Japanese house. Samurai films from the past to those on the yakuza in the seventies, his movies has the typical connotations of violence, gun battles and even a little 'romance. Things that in fact we see in "Journey to Japan" too.
Over the years the director has gone increasingly his quality of movies. Movies by movies he was admitted to "Berlin Festival" in 1985
were able to be appreciated by critics.