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The Thing With Two Heads

 They transplanted a white bigot's head on a soul brother's body!

Lee Frost who direct a film is great thing that requires the vision of the movie. Ah, the eclectic Frost! A great hero of the "B's" that every time leave with our mouths open. Here too. He does it with special effects that are all, except specials. He does it with total savings of blood, that never flows, although the story needs it. He does it with a plot that takes several shortcuts, all unlikely, remain united and not get lost along the way.

"The Thing With Two Heads" is thus a "b movie" sensational, trashy. But pay attention, it also has some things just incredibly well-aimed, as an anti-racist moral that pervades the film from beginning to the end, which you never expect to see in a junk like that. Added to this it is a surprising mixture of genres, which brazenly combines, horror, comedy and Blaxploitation. Frost gain his goal, in his way, with his time. He put also since the open credit a great irony that frame the story. A key aspect of this movie, that explodes in mid film, reaching a climax with the "joie de vivre" in the end with the well-known song "Oh Happy Day".

All things revolve around the story of Dott.Kirshner. A luminary of medicine, perhaps the greatest expert in the world of transplants, which has secretly developed an impossible operation. Transplanting a head of a sick body to a healthy body and then remove the old, after a period of cohabitation, without shedding of blood (it was too expensive eh?). A very great man.

Kirshner also has major flaws, however, primarily is a racist, so racist to try to fire a black doctor just assumed, and secondly, he has only few months of life. But his brain, can't must die, to not to stop science. And so he decides to undergo, the first man, to his amazing operation. Ironically, and brilliant narrative choice, the body that houses his head belongs to  ablack man, Big Joe, destined to the gallows.

Apart from Kirshner's face when he discovers that the black man, chaos erupts when Big Joe escapes from the hospital trying to find evidence that clear him. Between gags well studied, although in their craftsmanship and chases, equaled only by those who see in "Blues Brothers", "The Thing With Two Heads" fun runs and stunning the audience feels a sense of liberation in the end very "Happy Ending" .
Ray Milland is the Dott.Kirshner, an actor we've seen in "X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes", as already said he didn't miss even a few career in "B's". With him, Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier, known American actor, who starred in TV shows and former playing professional football. Do not forget Don Marshall, Roger Perry and especially Rick Baker, actor, makeup artist, that over the years become one of the greatest artists in the industry, it must be said that here was quite far from his best work.


Original title: The Thing With Two Heads

Alternate Titles: Das Ding mit den 2 Köpfen (Germany), Kaksipäinen hirviö (Finland), chose a deux tetes The (France) O Monstro de Duas Cabeças (Brazil), The Beast with Two Heads, The Man with Two Heads (undefined)

Year: 1972

Directed by Lee Frost

Country: USA

Starring: Ray Milland, Roosevelt Grier, Don Marshall, Roger Perry, Rick Baker, Chelsea Brown

Duration: 93 '

Production Company: Saber Productions