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The Devil Came From Akasava

"Three Groups Are Different After it. But which one

is the most dangerous to us? "

These were years in which Franco and his banda seem always in the midst of a party. Not on a movie set. Parties in which they have fun, drink a little 'all, doing strange things, and say strange things. It is not the plot of any movie, but it's the feeling that we have looking at the large numbers of movies in those early seventies by the Spanish director. Crispy, fast, fascinating and experimental movies.
And that's what comes to mind especially seeing this crazy film released in 1971, "The Devil Came From Akasava" An absolute pleasure that it's already noticeable in
players and is trasmitted to the audience. As say in sports world "team that wins do not change "and Franco and his loyalists: Soledad Miranda, Ewa Stromberg, Fred Williams, Paul Muller and Howard Vernon, after "Vampyros Lesbos", "Count Dracula" " She Killed In Ecstasy " (Not always togheter be said), are in a movie that Spanish director transform in a fun game and if you want to give to it a label it's a parody, wonderful, of the spy stories.
From previous masterpiece "Vampyros Lesbos", Franco took even score, colors and visions. And we, can only fascinanting by this little gem.

We'd love to talk about the history, but it's impossible to make a summary, because this is a story full of twists and of course, veiled by a thin eroticism, which has in Soledad Miranda the protagonist. Events which follow from the earliest to the last minute, shuffling cards very often. All character betray. The bad can be good to pretend or for real, or vice versa. A big mess!.

Basically, the central point is a stone that can turn everything into gold, found in the nation to Akasava. Its powers unleashed the ambitions of a lot
of people, including the British Secret Service. All converge to Akasava a place that becomes full of spies, assassins and thieves. On this structure Franco use the aforementioned soundtrack again, even without surprise effect, enhances the quality of the movie. The the rest is made from various entr'actes deliberately pushed to comedian excess whose top is represented, for us, in the figure of the housekeeper killer.

A good job for a very inspired Franco. A Franco, who will never see like that. This magic aura is at the last stop. Shortly after the end of the shooting of this movie the fate is cruel with the Queen of
this party and Soledad Miranda (our actress preferred as you well know), dies in an car accident
Her death as we know well apart take away the pleasure of seeing her, it also changes the way of directing of the Spanish director.
Sadness aside, the beautiful Spanish Strikes Back with her natural beauty tearing applause
scenes of the strip, which for the avoidance of doubt, are very, very soft. Soledad plays one of
many spies that run here in this film and that have fun creating a maze of events. On his Besides we find once again, the Sweden actress Ewa Stromberg famous for these movies of early 70's with Franco and then suddenly disappeared from the scene.

On the male side, the main role belong to Fred Williams, a kind of James Bond but more poor,
always good-looking that has a remarkable success with all the women he meets. Williams that we have already seen with Franco in "Count Dracula", in "She Killed in Ecstasy"and in the Italian's nazisploitation "Le lunghe notti della Gestapo" and that we will see in other works was a very active German actor in the seventies. His screen presence is been declining in the eighties, in favor
also for business in Munich
Another important name of this film is nothing other than Horst Tappert famous for the TV series "Derrick". There are, as always Paul Muller and Howard Vernon, and a Franco's cameo as the same, and as the stone protagonist of this film he has turned this work into gold.


Original Title: Der Teufel kam aus Akasava

Year: 1971

Director: Jesus Franco

Country: Germany, Spain

Alternate Titles: El diablo de que wine Akasawa

(Argentina, Spain), Akasava'dan Gelen Seytan -

Seytanin elmasi (Turkey), Aorati apeili, OR

trellos dolofonos Akasava tis (Greece), Huter des

Steines (Germany, script title) The Devil

Came from Akasava (International), A Venus without

name for the Inspector Forrester (Italy)

Starring: Soledad Miranda Ewa Stromberg, Fred Williams,

Howard Vernon, Paul Muller, Horst Tappert

Duration: 84 '

Production Company: Central Cinema Company Film