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Dinosaur Island

It's Just Like Paradise, Only Better Looking.

A "b movie" is a "b movie". whatafuck. It must be trashy, with a useless plot, with a little 'of Women, semi or fully nude and with some soft-core scene. It must also have very, very bad special effects. So it is, exactly, this "Dinosaur Island". And so it must be, because behind this bad movie, we find Fred Olen Ray and Jim Wyrnoski. The first is the boss of the "Retromedia" and he votes his career to the "b movie" of various types, some films for all, and also to a wrestler career. Jim Wyrnoski a part the fact he isn't a wrestrler (we don't know nothing about this fact ) he has made the same artistic choices of the colleague specializing himself in soft-core movies or b's. We've already seen here with the remake of "Not Of This Earth ".
However we know that long, they realize this film in 1994, under the tutelage of Roger
Corman (executive producer), not disappointing at all the fans of the genre. "Dinosaur Island" has everything,to be a trashy movie.The pretext for see a bit 'of tits is provided by
a group of soldiers who rushed into the sea with the plane. They are safe and they end on an island, inhabited by dinosaurs and especially by a tribe of only women who sacrificed virgins to "The Great One" the biggest dinosaur, which seems it like the thing.
But the strangeness is not so much in the behavior of the animals, but in the fact that these girls speak an excellent English, fact also underlined by one of thesoldiers and they know also somehow know the aesthetics surgeryas seen in some of them.

Returning to the story, the soldiers are exchanged for Gods and they must fight the monsters of the island. Meanwhile they fall in love with Girls, with which have intimate moments. The fight with dinosaurs is fierce, terrible, as the chroma key with the beasts are added, that sincerely any words don't make the idea of how is....bad

It's a very a bad movie, this "Dinosaur Island" but after all it's fun and unpretentious.
It was shot in only twelve days and seems that the location was a part of the Ranch of David Carradine.

In the cast we see the presence of great experience TV-actor Ross Hagen who died in May 2011.
Also note the presence of Richard Gabai that in addition to having participated in many films
also works in teenager movies.  We can say, that it's all. Uh, no, eh? Do you want to know Who is in the tribe? Okay. The island most striking artist, for his ability to actress we mean (...) is Antonia Dorian an actress with a long resume in soft-core movies, that says always that her skills are  all natural (we can say that it seem true). With her we find Griffin Drew and especially Michelle Bauer, who has appeared on Penthouse in 1981 and was one of the favourite acrett of Olen Ray.
The three graces are renamed by soldiers in April, May and June but we don't explain why, you can understand why very well.


Original Title: Dinosaur Island

Country: USA

Year: 1994

Director: Fred Olen Ray, Jim Wyrnoski

Alternate Titles: La isla de los Dinosaurs

(Argentina, Venezuela), Die Insel der Dinosaurier,

Die Insel der Riesendinosaurier (Germany)

Cast: Ross Hagen, Richard Gabai, Antonia Dorian,

Griffin Drew, Michelle Bauer, Peter Spellos

Duration: 85 '