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Black Magic 2

"You Take Care of Things Here I'M Going to catch you live show"

One year after the "Black Magic" once again visit the modern, bustling, Hong Kong, meaner and less ironic than the previous visit.
If the number one, "Black Magic", was almost a comedy centered on love potions, here, it turns more on horror and zombies. The parallels between modern and old doesn’t change, but mute protagonists putting this time the science versus the traditions.
Strange patients flock to the hospital where Dr. Zhensheng and his wife work. They are incurably ill, and festering rotting. Concerned about, the two call another couple of friends doctors too. Incredulous and skeptical, the four slowly discover the truth of a holy man who leads an army of zombies. The peculiar thing is that this man works a little 'please, a little for power, but especially for money. He has a prostitution business and proposes not bad zombie reanimated and rejuvenate by his centuries-old tricks. Create a zombie then, it seems easy, you only have toput a nail in the skull and it will be on or off
Returning to our four protagonists, they are forced to lose the security of their science knowledge and known the fantasy of black magic, facing incredible struggle including a funicular clearly fake glued on a scenic backdrop.
More horror and splatter of the previous, "Black Magic 2" always directed by Meng Hua Ho is a good and fun Asian horror with special effects that lack credibility and the more classical impossible solutions. Not bad, as usual, the soundtrack, while for the cast Meng Hua Ho and Ti Lung Shaw are linked to the usually more reliable and loyal actors.

Original title: Gou hun jiang tou
Alternate Titles: Bewitch Tame Head, Black Magic II (Hong Kong title in English) Ngau wan gong tau (Hong Kong Cantonese title), Revenge of the Zombies (USA)
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 1976
Director: Meng Hua Ho
Starring: Lung Ti, Ni Tien, Lily Li, Feng Lin, Wei Tu Lin
Production Company: Shaw Brothers
Duration: 89 '