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Emanuelle Nera

More than a cult, less than a movie. It must be said: this film has a banal story, erotic scenes pulled forcefully and calls events. But "Black Emanuelle" is the number one of a cult serie
which we challenge anyone to find a person, that hasn't seen an episode or at least a few scenes.

A myth, in any case. A series that has its charm, its sense and with some inexplicable reason, creates a sort of bond with the viewer.

The Success? Maybe it came from the thin vein "not trash" that carries with it an underlying moral extremely liberal and emancipated which then leads to many sex (trash) scenes. But it is another matter.

The saga follows the trail of "Emmanuelle" the famous erotic film with Sylvia Kristel directed by Just Jaeckin, inspired by an eponymous novel. The Italian version, however, loses an "M" in the title and buy color with the protagonist.

Skin and but also intent color with a character that is on one side a tough femminist, but also a woman who can horny all men.

Emanuelle is an assault reporter mistress of herself and her body, which decides what to do, where to go, who to go to bed, using her femininity as a weapon that makes her win every battle. Emanuelle is therefore a beautiful woman who shows off with ease and on which the directors love engaging in long shots. Men and women satisfied.

Our heroine in this first film, went to Kenya for a report. There was hosted by Ann and Gianni Danieli more than an open-minded couple, who spends their days between mutual betrayals and uninhibited parties. Soon Emanuelle falls in love with Gianni and vice versa. Their love is haunted and don't find peace and the two engaged new crazy adventures. Meanwhile, however, Emanuelle takes comfort in a friend of Gianni, justifying it with "he jumped on me," and also with the dissatisfied Ann and at least withe a field hockey team met on a train.

A great round of fucking and betrayal, without a real goal. But the film runs away with ease and with pleasure, thanks to the beauty of the two leading actresses.

It 's just one of her early films, but Laura Gemser became the queen of the series, giving a face to a character who will never abandon throughout her career and once again in a few films inspired. A character who makes her an icon of erotic films, and thanks to the hard inserts (shot from a stand-in), for some time the audience also believes that she is a porn actress.

Indonesian model, Laurette Marcia Gemser moves very young to Utrecht in the Netherlands where she studied fashion and then becomes a photographic model. Her exotic charm makes earning a reputation in Belgium and the Netherlands thanks to some barefoot in the newspapers. She is hired to "Free Love" and for the true sequel of the movie of Jaeckin, before becoming a journalist in this series.

With her there is another icon of the seventies and eighties : Karin Schubert. German actress from the very sad life, gone from being one of the protagonists of the "Commedia Sexy All'Italiana" (remember it willingly for "decamerotico" "Quel Gran Pezzo dell'Ubalda" and "L'infermiera nella corsia dei militari") to porn movies, only to economic issues. How sad that such a natural beauty is due to sell out and has, as Wikipedia says, had major problems that led to the suicide groped several times. Now she lives in Lazio and she has a site dedicated to her.

The male part of the cast boasts two beautiful and famous. Angelo Infanti is known for this series, but especially for the first film Verdone, "Bianco, Rosso e Verdone", "Borotalco", "In Viaggio Con Papà", plus a part in "Attila, Il Flagello di Dio" and early stage in the "Godfather". The other is Gabriele Tinti linking his name to "Cinema di Genere" and also with Laura Gemser with he starred often and becomes her husband.

"Emanuelle Nera" of 1975 is the only film directed by Albert Thomas pseudonym of Adalberto Albertini, director, screenwriter and author, since the Second World War to the mid-eighties. In the seventies Albertini has worked hard in "Cinema di Genere", going to different genres. Lost the direction of the series, which passes as we know to Joe D'Amato, Albertini "retaliates" by turning two parallel film, "Black Emanuelle 2", for which he discovered an actress looking like Laura Gemser and "Yellow Emanuelle".


Original title: Black Emanuelle

Alternate Titles: Black Emanuelle (International), Black Emanuelle en Afrique (France) Black Emmanouella (Greece), Emanuelle negra (Portugal, Spain), Emmanuelle in Africa (undefined) Emmanuelle's Holiday (USA)

Year: 1975

Country: Italy

Directed by Adalberto Albertini

Starring: Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Karin Schubert, Angelo Infanti, Isabelle Marchall