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Liebes Lager

"The facts narrated in this movie never happened. But it could happen. Why, in any situation, under any regime, in any climate, the union men to subjugate women and make them the subject, and immediate, spontatea even fatal.

In this respect, this film is meant as a symbolic tribute to the woman, in her struggle to escape phallocracy."

One legend say that this movie has gone away from circulation for a while.
Then guilty the ones of "Nocturno" and some other trash archaeologist it has come back to us in all its ugliness.

On one side must be say that it was better to lose than getting it, but on the other hand we must admit that our (and your) hunger of trashy movies leads us to look carefully at this subspecies of Italian nazisploitation of 1976, directed by Lorenzo Gicca Palli, who in his career he worked more on screenplays than direction.

The beginning is already overwhelming with the phrase that we report above, which would have us to believe that this is a feminist movie. Well, we don't know if you belive in this, but us, thanks to the period, thanks to the genre we didn't believe a word.  Rightly so.

After a bright start, "Liebes Lager" takes a surprising way ofthe militaristic comedy, a little '"Sturm Truppen", a bit' "Generale Buttiglione", with appropriate tunes, a large vein of black humor and an infinite dose of catchphrases.

The idea could be good, really, if at least one of these things had been done well. But no, everything is left to chance and moreover the usual girlie that the genre demands, further lowering the level, already poor, of the film.

Then we also find a "dramatically groving", too! The turning point in the drama that makes "Liebes Lager" falls even in thenazisploitation original sin, trying to copy films like 'Salon Kitty", " Night Porter"and "Salo". The result is appalling, worse than other cases of "plagiarism" or quotes, if you are good, with the aggravating circumstance that in the final Gicca Palli again tries to make us laugh.

The story tells of a camp a little 'different. A place where are detained women relatives of officers traitors or betrayers of the regime. It's not like other places. Indeed, here, is strictly forbidden to harass or to have sexual intercourse with the prisoners, except, of course, the examination. But as usual somebody rebels to orders, some women wants to provoke and some people die, especially among the officers stupid fans of hanging (?).

The turning point came with the clever idea, so to say, obviously, to make this camp a huge brothel for a male prison camp located nearby. Final chaos.

Kieran Canter starred in the legendary "Buio Omega" is one of the main characters. Not that in D'Amato's movie he is better, but here is really bad, deadpan and banal. Apart Luciano Pigozzi we saw in Bava's movies several times and in many other films of other performers have disappeared from the scene immediately. The cinema thanks.


Original Title: Liebes Lager

Alternate Titles: To stratopedo akolasias tis (Greece)

Country: Italy

Year: 1976

Directed by: Lorenzo Palli Gicca

Starring: Kieran Canter, Karl Koening, Red Ascott, Luciano Pigozzi, Ronny Coster

Production Company: Film Salaria