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L'Ultimo Treno Della Notte

We are biased, this is our problem.

We feel a certain fear, just looking at the poster, in the sense that we don't miss the fact that this movie smell of  "The Last House On The Left". Our fear increases with the first images, because yes, it's damn true, there is very onset of Wes Craven's here. And since we're biased, we are terrified of being confronted with a kind of Italian remake.
Then magically, time passes and the movie go on, revealing what is its nature: a relative of "The Last House On The Left", from which it takes part of the structure and characterization, but it's also a film that goes far beyond. More incisive. More violent. Most critical and artistically done better. An episode that is a must for fans of the genre "Rape Ravenge". Aldo Lado, former director of some good thriller, creates a work that hits the nail square, although there are incredible banality and situations created by sewing together the scenes. Eventually, however, this film delivers by far his source of inspiration, thanks to the fact that Lado is able to describe the Italian society of the time, pointing on the hypocrisy of respectability persons. A deepening social absent from the work of Craven much more superficial. Always to find a downside, because we are jerks, we must say that sometimes he exaggerates Lado, creating some stereotypes characters, but his criticism of society is convincing, though, must say, Petri's films are quite different.

At the side of conceptual part of "L'ultimo treno della notte" there is a a good achievement, with an excellent cinamatography, very good in action scenes and a soundtrack composed by none other than Ennio Morricone, made from a round hypnotic (and unnerving) harmonica.
Impressive are also actors, artists with pedigrees beginning with Enrico Maria Salerno, very professional in the role of the father, Flavio Bucci to go to that depth to one of the criminals ending with the extraordinary performance of the actress Macha Méril from "Profondo Rosso" who here plays the most disturbing character of all history. These three actors are the backbone of the work and to which are added Laura D'Angelo and Irene Miracle, far from the onset and had known for "Midnight Express", the two victims at the mercy of events.
Two sacrificial victims of a morbid violence, ferocious and merciless, which reaches its climax in the famous scene of torture with a knife. A scene that we see in so many other "Rape Ravenge".
The story talk about two young girls with a parallelism between their stories and scenes of celebration of the family who is waiting for the return home of his daughter and grandson. A sweet, bitter, side which deepens the story.
After a start to be honest, a bit 'boring, the situation explodes in thunderous. Lisa Stradi is the daughter of a famous doctor and with her cousin Margaret are coming home for Christmas by train. Monaco-Verona. On the train, going up, to escape the police, two guys who just show some audacity to passengers. Here is a rundown opens fast but intense characters on the train, an allegory of italian society. Among the many we see an elegant woman who converses amiably criticizing society that is too permissive. And then there's Lisa and Margaret, who wave the flag of their youth joking and laughing with the two boys just got on the train. One of them to escape to the controller is hidden in the bathroom where he finds the elegant woman with whom he had sexual relationship.
For some reason, a little strange, the two girls stop in Innsbruck and are forced to change trains, for a bomb (other description of Italian society?). On the new train, the last of the night, there are also the two boys and the lady who now controls the two with a bond rather than morbid. And here the madness breaks out with the girls who suffer from it all and more. Humiliated, beaten, raped and also being a voyeur rather than save them watch the scenes and take part in the violences.
At home the two girls will never arrive. But arrive the three who meet by chance the Dr.Ladi and his wife, who discover the truth and explode with anger, more strongly than do the parents of Mary in "The Last House On The Left".
A film this critically important for the genre, a film that re-uses various situations and structures of other films, but also manages to set a new course.
"L'ultimo treno della notte" at the time suffered the worst slating. Palazzi and Morandini, two famous journalist didn't spared heavy words for a film that later gain a clear recognition in the years following up to be considered a cult movie. It 's an interesting journey, not a masterpiece of art or criticism, if you love to travel and especially if these means do not endured.

Original title: The Last Of The Night Train
Alternate Titles: Last House-Part II, New House on the Left, Last Stop on the Night Train, Second House on the Left, The New House on the Left, Xmas Massacre (USA), do Assassinatos Expresso da Meia-Noite (Brazil ), Do not Ride on Late Night Trains, Late Night Trains (UK), La bête your de sang-froid, Le dernier train de la nuit, Le train de l'enfer, Le train de la mort, Train de nuit pour a tueur (France), Night Train - Der letzte Zug der Nacht (Germany), Night Train Murders (Philippines), Nighttrain Murders (Belgium), To kannivalon ton towing (Greece), Violencia en el tren de la noche último (Argentina ), Violence on the last train of the night (Italy)
Country: Italy
Year: 1975
Director: Aldo Lado
Starring: Enrico Maria Salerno, Flavio Bucci, Macha Meril, Gianfranco De Grassi, Marina Berti, Franco Fabrizi, Irene Miracle, Laura D'Angelo
Duration: 94 '
Production House: European Incorporation