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Country Cuzzins

The Family That Plays Together - stays together!

If the U.S. country of the seventies was like what we see here, there is a bit 'of envy about we were born much later and in another continent.

Hurrah for freedom! Girls who make shower outdoor, couples who had sex in the animal enclosure, all running naked or nearly free and uninhibited to the maximum count in the fresh air. We don't know if it was so, we don't think, but nudity, voyeurism and extreme freedom of consumption, were the pillars of that life in the province.

We are confident, however, that these three things are central to the film debut of director Bethel Buckalew. An artist that in the world of cinema occupied with other things than the direction, putting himself behind the camera in just eleven occasions.

This is the first of 1970 and already describes what is the line of the Buckalew movies, everyone focused on eroticism offhand of "sexploitation" and many of them with themes "hillbilly".

The rural U.S. climate that he describes is not bad and is the best thing about this film that travels through farms, dust and tits. Buckalew don't spare naked bodies, showing what he can, but he cuts deep in the plot, which was almost absent in "Country Cuzzins".

To give a sense to this movie, we can say that he was looking to show  for a contrast or the differences between country life and city life.

But on balance it remains in the background, leaving the task is extremely light to carry on.

That thin thread of story recounts the life of the family Peabody, an happy country family, who one day receive a visit from a relative from Los Angeles. You might think that she remains shocked by the life of the family "hillbilly", so much to create a minimum of conflict, but no, she appreciates almost immediately and adapts to local life with pleasure.

Same thing when she hosting in Los Angeles all the relatives, who happily have sex with whom and where it happens.

Very simple isn't? Also quite useless to the history of cinema and if we find a moral might be that you just fuck and enjoy life.

More eventful is the life of the protagonist of the film. Rene Bond, here in her first credited interpretation, in which she played Billie Jo Peabody, uninhibited girl and everyone's goal. A sex symbol.

One feature that Rene had also in his long career. A career that began (unfortunately), only for money and that it has developed in soft-core and porn. From dancer in the strip club to actress famous for the genre, who can boast of being the first actress of the genre who had breast implantation which among other things apparently brought her more work.

At the time married to actor Ric Lutze she has disappeared from the scene in the late seventies, after she became famous.

Her life has changed completely and she returns on tv in the 80's in a TV quiz as competitor where she won a certain sum of money. She died in mid 90's only forty-six.

The most famous name, however, is that of George "Buck" Flower, who says his biography on IMDB is one of the few who can boast of having played from the soft-core films to family movies, passing in all genres between. He starred as fixed cameos in the films of Carpenter.


Original Title: Country Cuzzins

Alternate Titles: Country Cousins ??(USA)

Director: Bethel Buckalew

Year: 1970

Starring: Rene Bond, John Tull, Debbie Osborne, Pamella Princess, Jack Richesin, George "Buck" Flower, Elle Stephens

Duration: 90 '

Production Company: Pure Gold Productions