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Come Deadly

We start with this movie, a brief, very brief interlude of two films that can be considered the worst "slasher" of all time. And we challenge anyone to say otherwise.

Nothing unusual you may say, so many junk filled this blog (and we are proud of it), but the strange thing about this duo is that there was someone in modern times who thought and wanted to re-edit and put this movie on DVD in 1974 with "Wet Wilderness" of 1976, that we will see next time.

The culprits of this are those of the "Alternative Cinema" house rather notorious for being the producer and distributor of various films "borderline" including the series "Misty Mundae".

For what reason they have decided to give new life to this two movies it's not clear.
But we can see the results and whith "Come Deadly" we are faced with a "slasher," full of hard scenes with a silly plot and finally, needless to say, a poor achievement in every way, with death people who returns into the scenes and other crap like that.

The story takes place in a theater, where a company is working to send on stage an opera by Shakeaspere (no less). But in the adjacent attic a bloodthirsty monster intervenes, and kills them abusing the plaintiff. The police sent an undercover investigator who should investigate the matter. He should investigate, because in reality he had sex and other things. The murderess kills, fucks, kills again and we never know why, and above all, who is him.

All we can say "How Deadly" is that it is a porn-slasher really nasty, but better than what will see in the other movie on the DVD of "Alternative Cinema".

Because the movie lack a lot we can think about who might be the killer/manica. We decided, in our humble opinion that he is a theater critic who punishes the bad actors . If he is, we would agree with him.


Original title: How Deadly

Alternate Titles: The Harder They Fall

Year: 1974

Country: USA

Director: Gil Kenston

Starring: Kirt Jones, Cindy Johnson, Keith Erickson, Nina Fause, Maggie Williams, Peter Puluva, Hoss Slocum

Production Company: Scorpio Producing Company