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Graffiante Desiderio

A dummy that flies down from a terrace, with ambitions to be a body, is one of the last images we have for the big screen by Sergio Martino. Worse perhaps he couldn't end his film career. Rather than concluding, we take a break to say, as Martin from here starts a career in TV Fiction, until the return in 2008 with the sequel of "L'Allenatore Nel Pallone" an italian comedy masterpiece. And on balance it would be better he don't come back to cinema.
The fact tha Martino had lost his magic touch, was a fact very know in 1993, known from the year he directed "Mezzo Destro, Mezzo sinistro" immediately after handling the comic apotheosis with "L'Allenatore Nel Pallone" and "Occhio, malocchio, Prezzemolo e Finocchio."
And the fact was also underline by the incredible "Spiando Marina" that apart from the boobs of Debora Caprioglio had nothing interesting.

We don't waste words and words in Martino's history, regretting his films of the seventies, and we buckets back to 1993, the year despite the decline, Martino realized this additional erotic thriller. "Graffiante Desiderio". Instead of Caprioglio, there is the elegant beauty of Vittoria Belvedere, in his early twenties and already seen in the works of the brothers Martino.

The easy joke about the name of the actress "Belvedere" is in part be obvious and is true and just as Debora Caprioglio in "Spiando Marina", she is the only valid reason for which you can choose to see this film.

Between the two there is some difference, though Debora Caprioglio is an exuberant beauty, Vittoria Belvedere is more elegant, moreover, her character doesn't go around in the house naked very often and especially she din't play with snakes.

For the rest of "Graffiante Desiderio" seems a product of fiction, of those made in a very bad way. It has a very obvious plot, which leaves no room for big surprises and just "special effects", only the dummy however, chilling.

Apart from the Belvedere this movie include the comedian Andrea Roncato in part of a wealthy building contractor very libertine. A role, however, that the actor from Bologna, has no in his chords and so makes he makes it hard to believe, even if his "individual mask",sees him ideally suited to parts of "libertine".

His wife, another figure very open, is played by none other than Serena Grandi, who unfortunately stops to play a sexy role only by words. A lovely couple in short, that revolves around and give work to the Luigi, a post-yuppie intelligent and engaged to Cinzia whit who he get married soon if not in their lives came Sonia played by Vittoria Belvedere. The girl is a disturbing cousin of Luigi, who quickly wins the man, destroys his relationship with Cinzia, but she hides unsettling facts that disturb the life of our rampant business man.

Ron Nummi is the single expressive Luigi, actor most active in the States he has been noted for Hoagy's role in "Il Burattinaio" by Grassia. His betrothed instead debut here, has certainly done a more brilliant career. Simona Borrioni, in addition to "Senso '45" Brass has starred in countless TV series and is a familiar face to the general public.

Vittoria Belvedere soon abandoned the genre, to devote himself to the TV series and conducting television, that can be said to have peaked with the conduct of the "Festival di Sanremo" in 2003 with Pippo Baudo and Manuela Arcuri.

Cameo for Hal Yamanouchi, an actor of great globe-trotting curriculum


Original title: scratchy Desire

Alternate Titles: Craving Desire (USA), Désir meurtrier (France), Deseo de amor (Argentina)

Year: 1993

Country: Italy

Director: Sergio Martino

Starring: Vittoria Belvedere, Ron Nummi, Andrea Roncato, Serena Grandi, Simona Borioni

Production Company: Dania Film, Film Devon