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Anarchy TV

A wild, crazy and twisted comedy!

Bakunin is right.
Absolute freedom (death to the oppressors!) and we would live better. Anarchy. Anarchy. Anarchy.

It's impossibile, however, that the thought of the nice Mikhail think about an application of his in the world of cinema and TV, with absolute freedom (death to the oppressors!) that gives rise to the best ideas.
In any case, however, "Anarchy TV" is a movie with a great great idea, that speaks of absolute freedom (death to the oppressors!) starting from the bottom, with few means
and with a basic concept terribly simple.

The example of how easy it's to create a good movie comes to us from an unknown director named Jonathan Blank, who calls himself, on his site, also a writer, entrepreneur and lover of new technologies. The above example comes also from a cast of young and rampant actors in that years, like Jonathan Penner, seen in "The Last Supper", Jessica Hecth, Matt Winston and the presence of DNA of Frank Zappa with his four sons, Ahmet, Diva, Moon Unit, Dweezil. To they were added to the experience of Alan Thicke and Albert Hall seen in many films and TV series.

This unity of purpose and brillant young actors gives rise to a brilliant irreverent, satirical movie, which ridicules the American society.

Not very immediate for us who live in Europe and dont' know in depth the culture of the country, "Anarchy TV" can still be a pleasant entertainment, with the minimum of adaptation to the situation.

It's a film that no-frills, pointing straight to the goal without wasting time. Instant and fast, it throw us into the lives of a group of guys who manages a TV  very alternative. They talk about sex, drugs and  they break every taboo.
The vision annoys an ultra orthodox preacher, who buys the channel to change things. Once the group is facing to the first complaints, protests broke out and they occupies the TV. A gesture that hasn't the desired effects, nobody is interested in the matter, until, the broadcasts don't start to be conducted entirely without clothes.
It 'a revolutionary act that triggers mass in the sense of freedom, sparking interest in the absolute freedom (death to the oppressors!).

This 1998's film focuses his lens with a disarming simplicity and a direction that makes the situation very well on television. Finally something good on TV, sin is only a movie, but in fact is a small independent masterpiece.


Original Title: Anarchy TV

Year: 1998

Country: USA

Directed by Jonathan Black

Cast: Jonathan Penner, Jessica Hecht, Matt Winston, Dweezil Zappa, Moon Unit Zappa, Albert Hall, Alan Thicke

Duration: 90 '

Production Company: Red Hat Productions