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While we were watching this movie, a question continued to fight in our heads "Is something happening or not?".
Just when hopes were about to vanish, with us swamped by a sea of ​​sugar, it happens all over. And this all is something grotesque, improbable, impossible and even more sugary than what we had seen previously. Stuff to make you diabetic.
This is "Vivah", a melodrama of modern Bollywood, with rich people who live in huge houses, with a successful life and gives a nod to some Western models.
At the same time, however, it brings to mind those beautiful operas of the past, Indian or not, all tears, traditions, heart and happy ending.
Saying that the title "Vivah" is derived from the Hindi word "marriage", translated into English as "Vivah - A Journey From Engagement To Marriage" is clear in which areas this film is moving. Love. Two families decide that a boy must meet a girl. A situation a little 'strange to our culture but, even if we are in 2000, it works. The two like each other. And they get engaged.
Prem and Poonam. Prem is the son of a wealthy, smart guy, funny and full of good intentions, just as his family. She is Poonam, Poonam the beautiful, the most beautiful of the village, which has a sad story behind. As orphan, she was adopted by the family of his uncle, with whom she lives happily. She is loved by everyone, by his uncle, by the man's daughter, but much less from her Aunt Seema, who has never smiled. The bitch.
Prem and Poonam get engaged, therefore, marriage is planning but there are five months before it. And this moments goes away with his hands clasped, beautiful words and sighs. Sometimes hidden from everyone else, even if they dont’do other things. Kisses include.
It seems a happy time for everyone, including families, who despite the economic difference are estimated. Happiness exploding in the night before wedding in both houses. Parties, banquets, etc. are the appetizer of what would happen the next day. What should happen, but it doesn’t, because in addition to the party at Poonam house explodes the drama.
An event that brings "Vivah" in the purest melodrama and in the most estreme sci-fi. From here on, all the human rules and even medical ones (especially) are distorted. They are culled from the tears and the heart, which causes, drama or not, all find a way through to the classic final solution.
In wanting to see well this is a film that ultimately has its usefulness, which is to confront us with certain risks, the drama begins with a really stupid fact and that to have less fear of doctors.
Joking apart, "Vivah" is a whole loaf corny but is watchable. On of those movie that rip more smiles (for the absurdity of the story) that tears of emotion.
It’s a good movie for its colors, atmosphere and is incredibly successful in the "special effects", that reveal their digital reality only with a deeper insight.
Some appreciation on our part, certainly not lacking and goes hand in hand as critics and audiences “said” on this 2006’s movie by Sooraj R.Barjatya.
Someone has appreciated, especially for the performance of Shahid Kapoor who plays Prem and others have panned if for the performance of Shahid Kapoor and especially the molasses down on the spectators and to be "timeless".
Old in the theme, but very modern in the production and distribution, "Vivah" was the first Indian film to come out simultaneously in cinemas and on the website of production company, so that Rajshri has increased the already excellent revenues. The rest has done a good advertising campaign that also involved the painter Husain and undoubtedly the theme that always works well.
Sooraj R. Barjatya is the one that brings to this huge sea of sugar.His grandfather founded the Rajshri and he has a resume incredibly short, only six feature film, which earned him still the label master of cinema-themed "family" and a great inspiration for young filmmakers.

The two sweethearts instead are played by Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao. Shahid very handsome face of Indian cinema is the son of a Sikh actor and a Islamic dancer things that has significantly expanded his views. He began his career as a dancer and as the star of commercials, and then slowly get into the movie as an extra in 1999 and 2003 as the protagonist. From then his career has been a crescendo, touching with "Vivah" the first great commercial success. His Prem, the boyfriend rich, spoiled child, but perfect, is not a great performance art, but it certainly made a good character to the end. At his side the beautiful Amrita Rao from Mumbai. She is a former model as her sister Preetika, is having some success in Bollywood cinema, always full of big stars. In "Vivah" her role is fairly easy and with a little 'graceful movements she creates Poonam, prissy all up to raise some' of antipathy.
The rest of the cas has important shoulders as Alok Nath, Anupam Kher and all stereotyped characters taken from the melodramatic tradition. Uncle/ Dad who is not very rich that does everything for his niece, the father of the boy a man of success but moral integrity and the bad, in this case, the aunt, who is not so evil, but that eventually changed way of thinking. The comic relief is the cousin/sister of the protagonist.
The music by Ravindra Jain is rather important to a blind musician, member of a family that has had success in all fields.

Original Title: Vivah
Alternate Titles: Vivah: Mein Herz dir bleibt treu (Germany), My Heart Says Yes (Italy), Vivah - A Journey From Engagement To Marriage (English title)
Year: 2006
Country: India
Directed by: Sooraj R. Barjatya
Starring: Shahid Kapoor, Amrita Rao, Anupam Kher, Alok Nath, Seema Biwas, Samir Soni, Lata Sabharwal, Manoj Joshi
House Production: Rajshri Productions