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Perverse Léa


Perverse Léa

Is thin as a G-String the line that divide this film between soft-core and porn. A film frank, if we want to find to it a value, which doesn't hide anything and follows the way of extreme soft-core movies that stops before becomes hard.

Of course the plot is a nice excuse to see bodies that slam loudly and repeatedly. And always, of course Bruno Garcia, director of French TV series, which becomes Bruno Costes, when filming naked bodies, doesn't point with this film to tell a story.

So let's start with "Peverse Léa" or "Naughty Lea" in the English translation, little movie of 2002 released by French TV M6, which seeks, among many sex scenes and a thin (always like a G-string), thriller plot.

Actually the story is covered by the uncovered bodies, overshadowed by tits, ass and biceps male, whose value is the objective beauty.

Aside from the meat, the plot wants to tell the story of the young and handsome lawyer Patrick, who went with his young and pretty girlfriend Lea, to a dinner at the hose of two friends. Beautiful, too.

Surprisingly, however, in the house there is Clara, another young and pretty girl with whom Lea had years before a hard crash because of a boyfriend stolen. Between sex and exchange of couples, the handsome Patrick has doubts about how the two can still hate after a long time. Clara instead, always between many sex scenes tries to convince Patrick that his Lea is just a paranoid. Always between hard scenes and lesbian scenes maybe the truth is otherwise. Which one? But who cares! That's not the point. The important thing is to have sex!

The cast notice the presence of well-known actress Estelle Desanges, a porno star, very famous discovered by French director Fred Coppula (...) as well as having played porn movies she has become so well known for presenting TV programs also. Now she own a club and performs on iher official website. Same career for another woman in the cast, Clara Morgane, another French pornostar, who has changed completely career since several years.


Original Title: Perverse Léa

Alternative Titles: Zügellose Spiele (Germany), Naughty Lea (International)

Country: France

Directed by: Bruno Garcia

Cast: Estelle Desanges, Clara Morgane, Benoit Clerc, Malahieude Frederick, Linda Paris